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Time 2 Drink Margaret

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I have sadly heard from Frank who tells me that he lost Margaret on 13th December she was in a hospice and Frank was holding her hand I feel I have lost a very dear friend. I know she would have wanted me to tell you as so many of you cared so much about her. Rosabeth

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My Condolences Rosabeth , Margaret was always so lovely and helpful,as was her Frank, always there for all of Us. take Care Hun. XXXX

Hi Rosabeth. Thank you for the update. We did receive news about dear Margaret's passing last year from Damon. It is very sad.


Take care of yourself. I'm so sorry too.

Cas xx 🌹

Sad news, my thoughts and prayers are with frank and family.

Yes, we were so sorry to hear about Margaret from Damon, as Caspiana said.

It was very sad news. I got to know her only in what turned out to be her last months. She seemed very strong mentally and determined to get through each set back. Poor Margaret. I’m glad her much loved husband was with her to the end. My condolences now go to him as he carries on without her.

Thanks for giving us more information, Rosabeth. 🌹💕

Hi Rosabeth, thank you for letting us know. As an often infrequent visitor here Im ashamed to say that I missed the first announcement about Margaret, so i am grateful to you. Margaret was a lovely lady, who always had a kind word for everyone. She will be very much missed by her family and friends. RIP :( xx

I’m very sorry to hear this news. Poor Margaret, and her poor Frank, having to watch her decline must have been awful. I’m glad he’s spared that ordeal now. She had a son too, I believe. Another sad loss, what a year it’s been.

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Thank you Rosabeth, Margaret was a wonderful caring lady, and Frank her strength. He must be so lost without her, we are all thinking about him. Take care. 😒 Bernadette xx

Very sad news indeed.

Such sad news! Thank you for letting us know. Condolences to you and to Frank. xx Moy

Thank you for your message , it will have been a very sad Christmas for Frank & his family without Margaret . She is at peace now , no more suffering. My thoughts go out to Frank and hope he had a peaceful time while coming to terms with his loss .

Very sad news indeed. She will be greatly missed.

I'm very sorry to hear of Margaret's passing. R.I.P. Margaret, you'll be missed love - Nick x

I'm shocked as I missed Damon's post. So very sorry to hear about Margaret. Despite her huge difficulties she was so kind and considerate for others here. She was valued by so many and will be missed now. RIP Margaret.

I am so sorry to hear of her passing. Prayers to her family🐞

So sad to hear. My Condolences to you all.

My sincere condolences to all of you affected by this sad news. Joan

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