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Update on previous post... Dad in hospital


So Dad is currently in hospital and has fluid in his tummy. He is on an infusion (similar to what he’s been on before) and catheter. His BP is low and so are his oxygen levels. He seems quite confused or slow in his thinking at times. I’m hoping this will improve as the fluid comes off. He drinks quite a lot of water at home as he gets a very dry mouth (he is on oxygen) and I think that’s something he’ll have to watch. He was doing so well a couple of weeks ago and now I’m so worried about him ☹️

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I'm so sorry to know your dad's in the hospital. Hopefully once the treatment starts to work he'll improve all round. Thinking of you both and sending you all best wishes.


I'm so sorry to hear that your dad is in hospital,, but I'm sure he is well looked after and will be a lot better soon. Thinking of you both., and please let us know how he's feeling. 😊 Bernadette xx

Wishing your dad well and hope he recovers very soon. Xxxx

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Thank you. I’ve just spoken to the ward a I’m away visiting my husbands family and it seems that they think dad may have pericardial effusion? Critical care team are monitoring him on the ward. He’s tachycardic. Lungs seem ok, oxygen ok but heart really not. Anyone any experience of this, I’m feeling this is really not good for dad at all and not sure how he can come through this

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I hope the hospital can find the right treatment for your Dad now they've identified what's not working well.

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With good treatment your dad may well recover. Fluid around the heart needs to be dealt with and he’s in the best possible place.

Thinking of you and your dear dad. Xxxxxx

Sorry to hear this. But he is in the best place. And they do seem to be concerned to get to the real problems and give him the best treatment.Keep us posted

Kate x

Morning Hun, I do hope your Dad is recovering and you will be with him Soon. He is in the Best Place and his Treatment is working. Sending my Best Wishes. Love n Hugs. xxxxx

Sorry, I can’t answer your question but your dad should feel a lot more comfortable now. I hope he will steadily improve. Best wishes to you both.

Hope he'll be feeling better soon after the treatment he's being given.

There is nothing worse than seeing our parent so unwell.

I hope his treatment works quickly and he will soon be back home with you.

Stay strong.

Thanks everyone. Spoke to the nurse who said they did an echo and he doesn’t have pericardial effusion. He has pneumonia, is dehydrated and exhausted. Critical care team have stepped down for now. So there’s a bit of positivity.

It's good they've found what the problem is, it means they can start to treat it now. Sending all good wishes to you and your dad.

Hi NicP, how confusing for you, hopefully they have now identified the real problem and can treat him properly. I wish you and your Dad all the very best and hope he has a speedy recovery xx

Thanks to all, I can’t tell you how supported I feel on here. Thanks again

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Ah like Dad, pneumonia see, antibiotics will sort him out. I expect you are relieved.

Let us know how he is getting on x


Hi Nic

It is understandable to be worried.

Dad had the same a couple of times with bronchitis or pneumonia. He was put on diuretics for quite a while.

He was also confused. Actually that’s how I always knew he was coming down with something.

It sounds like your Dad is well looked after.

Best wishes,


Hoping your Dad is in the road to recovery 🐞

Dad seems very confused by things. He telephoned my mum a short while ago asking her to come and pick him up as me needs to go to hospital.... he’s already in hospital! She’s mentioned it to ward staff who seem to say different things from it’s where he’s dehydrated to it could be the infection that’s making him confused. At times he seems more with it than others. I think tiredness is also playing a part ☹️

All those things add up to leave someone feeling confused. Being tired certainly doesn't help at all. It can make you feel really spaced out. It's really hard to see someone in that state though. Hopefully soon with the treatments starting to take effect your dad will start to improve.

I know whenever I dealt with CONFUSION with my Mother and other ladies (I do hair) I ask them to get tested for a urinary track infection. These infections throw off the sodium and potassium in their brains which makes the confusion. Men don't get them as often as women, but when my boyfriend (RIP) was in the hospital I noticed how confused he was getting! I asked for a urinary infection test and sure enough, that was it!

Unfortunately I bring bad news about my Dad. He very sadly passed away last night, his kidneys stopped working, liver was damaged and everything stopped. So very very sad for a man who was so active and working still up until the last twelve months. Over the last weeks he has barely been able to stand at times and walking such a strain. I know it makes sense for him to be at peace but I just want him back 💔

Dear NicP,please accept my condolences for your loss,i know it doesn't make much sense at the moment but Dad will never leave you as he will always remain in your heart.

Ski's and Scruff's x

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