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Happy New Year from Breatheeasy Me


So i thought i would surprise you all for 2019 and this is Me.

Well my dear friends on the dodgy site New years eve still finds me encamped in Portsmouth hospital, i seem to have become a bit of a fixture and fitting here and everytime i get upset or kick off they chuck a sedative in me to quieten me down,typical i never had that problem at home with the chicks.

My lovely little tribe where split up over the xmas period as they burnt out the original do gooders who were in need of a rest i believe,The junior munchkins have been placed with a much nicer younger couple and have received loads of love and affection but my two eldest are roughing it in a local children's home or stalag 17 as they prefer to call it,a bit tired around the edges and some of the occupants are not the most friendly of cherubs but then again one has to wonder how difficult their lives are as well,hopefully they will break out soon and all will return to the original now refreshed couple.

I have improved a little but am still severely restricted in the speech and movement department and when the kids come they bring me cuddles and love and read stories and stuff to me,sometimes they can wheel me off for a short tour of the tea rooms.so i have come full circle so to speak and we have a bit of role reversal going on here.

I do enjoy hearing about you all and love your replies and i just wanted to send my love and best wishes and i do hope that you will all have good times and better health in the New Year.

love to you all.......Anne xxxx and her trusty ghost writer Ski's.xxxx

P.s Not the most recent photo as chemo rather buggers up your latest hair do i'm afraid

p.p.s i will of course convey all your replies to Anne and the children will read them to her,thank you x

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You’re beautiful, Anne, and I miss you SO much 💕 Hoping you continue to improve. So happy you’re seeing your children, at least.

Lots and lots of love, Penny ❤️ xx

(The other breathezee!)

Thanks for the beautiful photo and your visit with your news. I think of you every day because you're the only person I know who gets excited about chickens. So when I go out to see my foster chickens (yes they're still here) I think of you. And not only then, but you know what I mean (hopefully)

It's wonderful your children come to see you 💕 I hope the new year will bring improvement for you and lots of happiness for you and your family 🐓🐔🐣🐤🐥

And I meant to say thank you Skis for the post. You are a trusty ghost writer indeed 👍


Oh Anne you are beautiful and you and the kind skis have made my year ! I never stopped hoping and am so so so happy you are muddling together with ur amazing girls lovingly caring for their superstar mum... you make sure you have a quiet one tonight no partying in Portsmouth hospital lol and Happy New Year my beautiful friend to you and your girls xxxx gentle huggs right atcha 🐣🐔Heres to Foxy wherever she may be xxx Thankyou kind sir for delivering such a wonderful gift just b4 the start of a New Year .. you are a legend sir skis !!! All the best to you all and not forgetting lady Scruffs of course xxxx Mel xxx

Now this was truly a gift of the holidays. Thanks for sharing this. Ski, you are a gem!

Thank you skis I have thought about Anne and the munchkins many times, what a fight she has had, and still not out of the woods, I'm going to pull my self together, new years resolution -stop moaning. Jane🐣🐣

So lovely to get an update What a trooper you are. I think of you often and send much love to you and your chicks wish I could do more. Xxxx

Anne, I think of you often!! So, it makes my New Year's happy to see your beautiful face!! I hope with all my heart that 2019 is a very, very good year to you.

Thank you ghostwriter Skis for this wonderful surprise.

Happy New Year to you Anne....

Love and hugs to you, 💕💕💕

Meg xx

Hi i realy hope 2019 brings with it a strong recovery so you can soon be home looking after your wonderful chicks. Hears to a healthy new year for you.

We miss you Anne and think of you often. Sending loads and loads of love and hugs to you. Keep hanging in there. xxxxxxx 💕🌷💕


Anne, it has made my Christmas to hear from you. I am so pleased that you are making progress. I do hope that 2019 brings a steady improvement for you and for your dear children who have been hanging in there so bravely.

Much much love, Verity

Thank you ski's - NOW there's a reason to celebrate the new year, and what a lovely photograph. I had no idea that our warrior friend is so beautiful - I'm so pleased to hear about her and the munchkins, I've thought about them so much, it's good to have news of them. I'll definitely be raising a glass to their health and welfare.

Here's to a much Happier and Healthier New Year to Anne and her girls, with much love from Magpuss and Annie the cat 🍸🍾😘😻


Dear Anne this is the best of news to start the new year. You are beautiful I love the photo. I have thought about you and your little family often including little Foxy. Wishing 2019 a Happy New Year. Lots of love Majt 😘 XXX ps Thank you Ski's 😀

Thank you Skis for being our postman again and bringing us more news of Anne.

Dear Anne, so pleased to hear from you, and delighted that you are seeing some improvements. May the improvements continue and your strength grow. Your courage is an example to us all. With love and best wishes for a Happy New Year to you and your caring girls.

Annie :)

Gosh! I nearly fell off my chair seeing your name Skis and then a photo of a lovely blond lady appearing. I thought if that's what lying in bed all day on New Years Eve does for you I've made a terrible mistake. But hearing from Anne in that way is about the best thing I could have wished for in 2019, the woman is a saint. Now the year is already half a hour old and I'm off to bed. Thanks for posting Ski. 😁x

Caspiana in reply to Don-1931

I also got a shock at first Don, thinking Skis was actually a she and not a he. 😀😁

Don-1931 in reply to Caspiana

I can’t express my disappointment Cas. 🤷‍♂️😟

Hola Amiga, Just How I imagined you Anne, very Beautiful & Kind. Feliz Ano Nuevo Carino y Tu Munchkins Tambien. Wishing & Hoping you make a Full Recovery Corazon. Thank you Ski's for The Post and previous updates regarding Breatheeasy Anne. This has got to be the Best Post to start 2019. Long may Anne continue to get Better. Abrazos Y Besitos a Todo. XXXXXXXX Carolina/Hacienda.

Oh dear ski's sorry to hear you are in hospital now. New Years Eve resolution - stay out of hospital for all of 2019. Happy new year to you anyway my friend. Bev

Pass on my love to Anne please. xx

skischool in reply to hypercat54

Anne will love your reply Bev,a sight confusion on your part in that Anne is still in hospital and Scruffy and i are on the settee in sunny Manchester,welcome to 2019 or whatever you land on,lol xx

hypercat54 in reply to skischool

Oh sorry. Had a drink tonight as you might be able to tell :D Mind you the words 'sunny' and 'Manchester' is definitely an oxymoron! :D xx

Dearest AnneWhat an amazing woman you are, and with such courage, grace, humour and strength that makes us oldies weep. Literally. How lovely to have a photo of you. Sending love, the gentlest of hugs to you and all the munchkins.

Kate in awe (and a Zebra who is galloping to Portsmouth as we speak to confront the stalag commandants and release the senior munchkins).

Xxxxxx 🗝🦓💐💕

And very grateful thanks to your amanuensis (there’s a new word for Scruffs) for posting for you


Gosh... oxymoron and amanuensis in one night? A bit too much; and it’s 3.30 on New Year’s Day and I am probably the only person in the world who is awake. Kx


Such a happy photo of Anne.

As I wish to remember her, such a strength and desire to live.

Don’t worry about the kids. Children are very resilient and those girls took after you.

Fight on Anne 💖

Lots of love

Fran xx

Wow! What a beautiful lady, no chemo can change that. So wonderful to hear from you via the lovely skis. Portsmouth should be honoured to have you but you’ve been there such a long time Anne.

I think about you and your girls lots so it’s great to have an update.

Hoping 2019 is a better year for all as you’ve been through such a lot.

Sending lots of love and positive vibes.

Carole xxxx 👍😘💖😎🤩💋

I've just seen your lovely photo Anne and I was so excited to see it and hear how you are doing. It's like getting a special Xmas present just knowing you are still battling on and improving a little. Glad you can see your girls too. Hope the next photo will be of you and the girls together at home. . Lots of hugs . Know we all love you 😘 xx

Thank you for passing on the news about Anne. It's made my day

I would like to say Happy New Year to u Anne. I hope things improve for u soon. Can’t b much fun for u at the moment. Best wishes from this end. 👍🤓

See you guys are steadily confusing me. I just asked somebody the other day if any of ya all( I really don’t say that LOL) know each other and they said you guys are pretty far apart. But it seems all the women, at least, know you. I’m confused on the different Breatheasy women but this young very pretty red haired lady struggling with chemo . Wow I wish I could help ya, I’m very 420 friendly gardener/ medical. Even if someone else can just blow it in your face there’s a good chance it will help and if nothing else at least give you the desire to eat more. Nutrition is the name of the game baby get it however you can, I hope you’re up and movin around real soon, don’t forget to stretch even though you’re in bed. Do you guys know what Pilates is over there? No it’s not yoga an it’s not cycling( the big trends here) it’s a form of exercise that was invented for people confined to bed although people have to reinvent the wheel at every turn and have bumped it up to a kicking butt aerobic class . if you have a physical therapist coming by to assist you they would know it. I hope you are getting the best possible care so you can soon go home and rest. Nobody rests in the hospital I don’t care what country you live in. Somebody’s always coming by stabbing you w/sharp needle, sticking a tube down your throat or scolding you for all the food you didn’t eat. Or you’re sharing a room w/somebody even sicker than you who has constant visitors. Get well and thanks ski you’re alright how’s Scruff doing w/her tablet? And your valve job?

Don-1931 in reply to Sandyeggo

Sometimes, Mary, it's better to sit back and watch/read before firing off and totally misunderstanding a situation. I say this to you in a friendly way. 😉

Hacienda in reply to Don-1931

Took the words right out of my Mouth Don. Maybe Mary Sandyeggo will click on our Darling "BreatheeasyAnne" Avitar to Read the Whole Story. We all know it off by Heart. That's what I do Mary to Know What is happening with a Member Here. Happy New Year Hun. xxxx

Sandyeggo in reply to Hacienda

I do apologize if you felt I said anything offensive. I saw a pretty young woman’s picture then mention of hospital and chemo and I felt as if I was sharing and trying to contribute. I cannot find how to find her profile since it appeared Ski was speaking on her behalf. Thank you for bringing that to my attention in a kind manner. The Mr before you that said I was “firing off...” I didn’t see it that way. And I’ve been corrected for my opinion on this site in the past so It seems this is not the place for me. I thought this was a place to discuss health and well-being , not somewhere where someone is trying to demean me or correct me like the man before you did. You seem like you are a kind and loving woman and I do respect that. I like to put out good vibes and comedy it’s the person I am I like to help others. I have just been abused lately by a family member physically so I don’t need to be online and have anybody try to make me feel worse than I already do. I supposse I should tell the man directly that I was confused as to why he was scolding me but now I’m kinda pissed so I shouldn’t say anything and just delete this site entirely. Have a happy life🙏✌️

Guys I don't feel that Anne's post is the place to be having an argument but I felt I have to jump in here because Sandyeggo I don't want you to leave!

Sometimes speaking on a forum is hard because there's no tone of voice and misunderstandings can happen too easily, in both directions. Twice I've had a reply that made me to feel stupid. And hurt. I guess we're all in a vulnerable place to start with, so any perceived attack on us hurts more. But how much of it is due to misunderstanding. The other person misinterpreting our post or us perceiving insult in the reply when perhaps none was intended.

So please don't leave! 🕊️

Thank you HH, I have responded to Mary.

Hacienda in reply to Sandyeggo

Hi Mary, No One or I here would intentionally Upset you, Just sometimes we are all going through a Bad illness and Knowing so much about each other. I did say to look at her Avitar (Top right hand Corner) to get the Story, Yes Ski's has been an Amazing Friend to us all by keeping us updated about Anne. I, and the gentleman just thought that you should read about someone before a comment is made Hun.

Please do not Leave. You have to be part of the Forum and be here long after some off us have gone. We have lost enough Friends who have passed through 2018. That is all I am saying on the matter. We are a Great Team, including You. xxxxxxx

Oh! what a lovely way to start the new year to hear from our Anne, it has truly made my day, thank you skis for the update. The picture just shows that you are as beautiful outside as you are inside. We think of you everyday and keep sending those cosmic vibes to help you get better. I do hope that Portsmouth hospital are taking very good care of our special little fighter and truly wish you and your munchkins all the very best for 2019. Gentle hugs. Irene xx

I hope 2019 brings the happiness you and your wonderful family need so much.

I feel so foolish moaning about things now as i really should be grateful more.

These treatments are painfully slow but u can get there.

Aftee 7 months in hospital my brother finally made it home to his family just b4 christmas, ableit in a wheelchair but atleast home.

Keep giving the staff in their toes thats what there for!

Good luck best wishes xxxx

So lovely to see you here. A great start to the new year. Sorry to hear you are in Hospital but pleased the children have been able to come and see you. Onwards and upwards! Hugs. Lesley

Lovely to hear from you, Anne via Skis. Hope you're soon able to leave hospital and return to the bosom of your family.

I hope you continue to improve dear Anne, and that 2019 is a year that becomes one of better health and much 💕 Your children are so brave, as are you. Many blessings to you xx

What a deliight to see you Anne a lovely way for us to start 2019, our January pin up!!!

So pleased you have some improvement and it’s such a tonic to have your girls around. Your comments re role reversal made me smile as my daughter takes my arm when we cross a road! I am capable of doing this on my own but it’s instinct on her part so I let it happen 😊

Ski please keep us updated as much as possible you’re doing a fabulous job!!

Marianne xx

Oh so good to hear from Anne"... thank you ski.

Love to you Anne I keep rooting and praying for you and your little munchkins I hope you are all soon reunited. This is my wish for you in 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ and lots of hugs and kisses to 😘.

Peg xxxxx

How lovely to hear from you, I was thinking about you just a few days ago. Wishing you good health for 2019 xxx

Beautiful picture and the little ones sound like lots of fun.

thanks for the post skischool

Anne , what a beautiful photo Hopefully your journey is on the up. Stay strong. Bet your children are enjoying the role reversal, they'll be bossing you for ever more!

What a wonderful piece of news at the start of the new year. So pleased you are now making progress, albeit slowly. Your munchkins must be delighted too, after what must have been such a scary time for them as well. All of you hang in there, together, it will be worth it in the end.

Thanks for the update Skis.


Thank you so much Skischool, for letting us know how Anne is. What a beautiful photo of her. I hope Anne makes a great recovery, I think about and wish her well. Happy New year Anne keep fighting on. Love 😊 Bernadette xx

How wonderful to hear from you with your lovely positive message about you and the kids; even though things are still difficult for you all you can add your unique sense of humour 😊. I sincerely hope 2019 will bring all good things for you all. Hugs and love to you all 😘💐💜🎈

Just as previous messages have said, thank you skischool for being a 👻ghost writer....you have such a big heart💖! Anne seems to be putting on a very brave face for all her children this Christmas but then she is the most selfless person ever....going through all her illnesses,all her hospital stays and still able to have such a commendable PMA!!😘 I do hope she is able to return home just as soon as is possible. Sending her loving wishes,gentle hugs and the best start possible for 2019!!

Words fail me - what a woman! Anne, you will continue to improve, I just know it, and with all the good wishes around you, how can you not!

Lots of love to you and your dear children, little heroes, helpng Mum with stories too! Iris x

Well done Skis, our messenger. Hope you are well, and Scruffs. Love Iris x

Anne I am a newby but have read all your posts and want to wish you all the best in the world for 2019 xxx

Dearest Anne I really do think about you and your children often, and wish that you could all be together soon. You are one of the most courageous people that I know, if I could have nominated you for one of the new year honours I would have. Your children have always come before anything else in your life and its wonderful to hear that they are able to visit you. I can not begin to imagine what it is like for you without them by your side. Praying that it will not be for long now, and that soon you will all be together again. Anne please get well soon.xxxx A big thank you to ski for this post he has made a lot of people very happy.xx

How wonderful to hear from you Anne , thank you skis. I’m sure everyone on here has never stopped wishing you to get better ASAP and been thinking about your lovely family ( and chicks) just as I have.

I send lots of love and virtual cuddles to keep you safe and help your recovery. Hope 2019 is the best and brings you better health and gets you home to your loving family. Please keep in touch dear Anne and remember that poem fight the good fight and show em girl!!💪😘💐💐💐ps at first I thought mr ski had kidded us re the bling op and after all had been for a sex change! Beautiful photo Cx

Thanks for posting this Skis. Just having a sleepless night so thought I'd catch up with emails and seeing Anne's lovely photo and reading her message was the best news of all.

It's all been said above, dear Anne, but you and your girls are truly remarkable and inspirational.

I wish you all the best for the coming year and send you lots of Love


Oh Skis how did I miss this post of yours with Anne's lovely msg. I'm so pleased that Anne is messaging her news through you.

Bravo Anne, our love, warmth and extremely good wishes for you and your family won't cease, ever ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Penelope

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