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Carrier of cf

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I found out I was a carrier to cf 25 years ago

I have 5 children , 4 boys with a wide range of conditions



Learning disabilities

Aspergers / autism

All with behavioural problems

I have always had a weezy chest

, problems with my liver and my lymphocytes are always high .

The doctoreason tried blamingredients it on medication. But on my health record it states that I have had liver and high lymphocytes for 15 years plus. And only been on medication 3 years . I always have flu symptoms, fatigue they put that down to thyroid . Found out I had that 2 years ago at 43 . I hadon't liver problems at 7 year old and ended up yellow , don't know why .could I be a cf carrier and actually have symptoms. Got another chest xray on the 2nd of January. More blood tests

Fbc, bcp, ra, loads .

My partner was not a catrier or had cf

Could any of my children be carriers . What is the chance

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Hi Salsybar .

As far as I know, your children would only be at risk of being carriers if both parents are carriers. But in your case , your partner does not carry the faulty gene.

I sincerely hope things get better for you in 2019. Take care of yourself.

Cas xx 🌿

So sorry to hear of your health issues and that of your family. I have a link for you which I hope will put your mind at rest.

Love cx

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Salsybar in reply to cofdrop-UK

Thank you 😊😊

I don’t know too much about CF other than it’s a tragic disease , as most diseases are. What I do know is the times they are a changing, quite literally today being eve of new year I hope your days get nothing but better

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