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Help not sure what to do


Was on steroids and antibiotics before Christmas for chest infection now have really bad cold coughing a lot shivers and sweats tight chest not sure weather I should start all my meds again or wait to see doctor hope everyone elas is doing well

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It sounds like you might still have an infection - it may be that you need a different type of antibiotics, or further course of the same, to clear this up.

A sputum sample of what you're coughing up could help identify the exact bacteria before you start taking your at-home meds if that includes antibiotics, but push for a GP’s appointment quickly if possible.

Of course, it might just be an opportunistic virus causing the problem, but best not to leave it just in case.

Thank you for responding put my mind at rest that I'm doing the right thing

It's obviously not gone, best make an emergency appointment first thing tomorrow. P

Yes Thankyou will do

Phone your GP today for appointment. That's legit. Get sputum sample in.

I.was ill before Xmas, took rescue Clarithromycin. Not great reaction then GP phoned Xmas Eve to tell me wrong abs cos I had haemophilus and not the usual moraxella. Don't let it get a hold. Good luck.

Shivers and sweats? For me that is alarm bells.

Do get yourself some help very soon. Don’t let it progress any further.

Hope you feel better soon.

Thank you just returned from doctors back on steroids and a different antibiotics so fingers cross

Good news.

Keep us all posted with your progress.

A health New Year to you and yours.

Thank you and you have a happy and healthy new year

Thank you bad on tabs fingers crossed this sorts it have a happy and healthy new year

Yes you have infection. Do see a dr. Asap


Hi, suggest you make an early appointment with your GP, it may pay to go back onto a different antibiotic with the steroids, some antibiotics are just not right for a chest infection. Make sure that your GP gives you a standby pack to include the best antibiotic.


Been to doctors this morning and he has changed my antibiotics and put me on steroids again thank you so much


HI again I hope these work for you.


Try to see your gp ASAP and take a sample with you?

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