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Week away

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Well I too am home after a lovely week at my daughters in Cardiff and throughly enjoyed christmas. I arrived back to find my boiler leaking horrid brown stuff which had tripped the electric, I am useless with these things and phoned the housing who wanted to leave me until Monday but without all my electric they had to come out. Alas it needs a part which they say cant be delivered before Thursday due to the holiday, I think it means they wont pay for next day delivery, so am without hot water and central heating. I do have a halogen heater so its not too bad and am very thankful its not really winter weather, but do miss my daily shower. I did nip into my neighbours yesterday who very kindly let me use his bathroom. Roll on Thursday. I dont know how we managed with a coal fire and an outside loo, brrrrrrr thank goodness those days have gone. Wish you all a Happy New Year xx Irene

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Oh no! Good thing you have a nice neighbour. Let's hope it all gets put right on Thursday. xx

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Izb1 in reply to wheezyof

Thanks wheezof, I have very good neighbours so am very lucky x

Oh dear, I clicked like because I like hearing from you not the situation you find yourself in. At least you have got your lovely Christmas memories to think about whilst waiting for normality to return. 👍🙂

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Izb1 in reply to Don-1931

You are forgiven dear Don how could anybody take offence from our bard, and yes I have fond memories from Christmas, even the exasperation from my teenage grandson trying his best to teach me poker ha!

Roll on Thursday and getting things fixed. Glad you had a good Christmas. Happy new year. Xxxx😘

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Izb1 in reply to sassy59

Thanks Sassy x

What a situation to be in, thank goodness you have a kind neighbour, Thursday does seem a long time to wait, do you have other family or a friend nearby that you could stay with until you get things sorted ? Hope you manage to keep warm , best wishes, Christine. XXX

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Izb1 in reply to CELAT06

Thank you Christine. Sadly I dont have any family near but do have excellent neighbours and good friends , although I am quite good at coping, its just an inconvenience . I do love my home and am very comfortable here, Thursday is only 4 days away so its not too bad. X

What a carry on to be left in . I'm glad you had a nice holiday with family and a lovley neighbour to boot . Is it too far to go back to daughter's for a day or so just until organised at home wish you well x

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Thanks Blackbird2 , its a 3 1/2 hour trip to Cardiff and costs quite a bit to get there. I am very happy in my home and just love my bed so dont really want to stay over with anybody, its will soon be Thursday x

That is awful Irene. I can't imagine being without heating and hot water. Thank goodness for your kind neighbour. I hope they come EARLY on Thursday and get it working ASAP! Please have a wonderful time in Cardiff. Happy New Year to you too. xx 😁🎉

Thanks Caspiana, hope you enjoyed your christmas, will be back to normal soon x

Dear Irene,i do hope that the turkey and trimmings enjoyed with the family have added a few inches and will keep you warm until repairs are fashioned and such a bonus to have nice neighbours,i have dispatched Scruffy with a bowser of hot water and a few spare oil filled radiators just to keep you cozy until your municipal rescue plan kicks in.

Love ski's and Scruff's x

Yes sirskis and more than a few inches, although this was due to the beer and wine rather than the food, the food I must say was rather scrummy but think my daughter and her hubby thought this could be remedied by constantly taking me for walks , think it will need more than walks ha! Scruffy would be more than welcome and would be warmer to cuddle upto than a radiator, you may not get him/her back though, expecting a purr at the door. Irene x

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I like the sirskis, sounds kind of Russian x

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skischool in reply to Izb1

I'm not russian anywhere Irene,everything slow and sedate in the Ski's household. :) x

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Izb1 in reply to skischool

Very laidback, that sure suits Scruffs x

We have had.a Breakdown too, washing machine decided to leak even though turned off. We turned off mains water, next morning wet floor again, so coming from tank. Son has taken out machine now and new one coming on Wednesday. Could have done without the trauma, exhausting. At least we are warm, fingers crossed.

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Izb1 in reply to Lyd12

Oh! No, what a trauma, such a mess to clean up, at least I dont have a tank so not much water to clean up. Hope you get a super replacement x

What an awful thing to come back to. Thank goodness you have caring neighbours. In November of last year I came back from 6 days away, put the light on... nothing. To make a long story short most of the electrical circuits had gone. Fortunately, incredibly, the oven, fridge freezer and heater still worked. But I had no lights, no hot water and only 4 sockets were left working and I lived using a multitude of extension cables trailing around my house until my brother came to visit in November of this year and fixed it. I must hastily add that I visited my mum every other day to use her shower. Just incase you were wondering! I don't know how these things can go wrong when we're away. When it got fixed I had to remember about using light switches having gotten used to desk lamps plugged in around the place. I hope you can keep warm until Thursday.

Aaaw thats rotten, cant imagine having electric sockets limited, all mine in use and most have 4 gangs (my daughter goes mad with me) and just couldnt live without my telly ha! Luckily it isnt really cold at the moment so its not a problem, although my neighbours do look out for me and I do have portable heating xx

Glad you had a lovely time away - hence the like. So sorry you've got to put up with no heating or hot water until Thursday. Yes, I do remember living with a coal fire and an outside toilet. It was wonderful when we moved to a house with a bathroom and a back boiler for hot water.

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Izb1 in reply to Ergendl

Those were the days eh! I think not, thank goodness for mod cons x

what a dreadful predicament especially after a happpy trip to your family.Great that you have neighbours you can call on.

Hope the problem is fixed on Thursday and hopefully the weather will remain mild meantime, Good wishes.

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Izb1 in reply to Whitechinchilla

Thank you Whitechinchilla. A chap turned up this morning with the wrong part, you can imagine my response, he did say would call back this evening but not holding my breath, nobody seems to do their job properly anymore. Llike you say the weather is mild so all ok x