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Chest infection

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Hi everyone hope you all had a good Christmas.

Since I've had copd I've always dreaded getting a chest infection, and of cause I have now got one and have had it for five weeks. The funny thing is it started the first day I used my new inhaler, Trilegy, I've ask if it could be the inhaler or the inhaler making it worse but can't get a proper answer from anyone at my clinic, I'm just having trouble breathing in fact I felt better when I was smoking.

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I have no experience of the inhaler you are on. But apart from being breathless what symptons do you have. Have you had your sputum tested? Are you.on antibiotics and steroids? You did complain of a sore throat when you first started that inhaler . So it might not agree I was recently given inhaler which after 3 days I had to go.back to my old one as the new one made me ill. Regards pat

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IZZYWIZZY in reply to Tilantoe

Hi I've been on steroids and antibiotics which haven't helped , up all last night coughing and chest on fire, I was told to go back on to my old inhaler over Christmas and see someone in the new year at the clinic it all right for them to say that. I'm back to where I was 5 years ago can't get upstairs with out getting so breath less and heart thumping.

LOL...I hear you loud and clear! LOL...When I smoked I never got sick, then 22 years ago I quit. Right away I got Cancer,then chemo did a job on my heart...diaphragm and no longer could I breathe! All in all..I am glad I quit, couldn't afford it now anyway! My Grandson was 2 when he shook his finger at me about smoking, I loved him so much...I quit! He is turning 24 now! But I lived to see my Grandkids grow up! Out of the 5 weeks that you have been infected...have the Doc's gave you any antibiotics and steroids? Do you use a nebulizer? What have you done to try to shake the infection? Janet127

Started my first exasperation just before Xmas, had to start my emergency meds. Never felt so rough over xmas but struggled through because of the family but my wife has been complaining that the house is cold and keeps turning up the heating causing me to struggle with breathing we do not need the house up to 80 degrees. How long does it take to get it though to people.

Ask your family to wear sweaters, rather than turning up the heat.... A warmer body, and savings on heating bill! Jan

I have COPD and started another chest infection 2 weeks ago. Apart from my usual Carboceistine, I have taken antibiotics and steroids: also have been using, once a day,a nasal spry called Avamys. I have been breathless, too weak to walk and no appetite. This morning, I thinks I may be feeling slightly better. Albert age 84.

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Izb1 in reply to Sapper21

Hi Albert, how rotten for you being poorly at christmas, keep warm and try to eat little and often, have plenty of fluids and vitamin c and d. Take good care Irene x

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Sapper21 in reply to Izb1

Thankyou, Irene. Every best wish for 2019. Albert.

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jmsutt73 in reply to Sapper21

Hi Sapper, you're staying on top of your health issues is a good thing. With advancing age (75, here), I have found it best to address each issue swiftly. Example: I use inhaler only as necessary, and without fail I experience a bit of soreness in my throat. I immediately take a tsp of local honey, roll it around in mouth against affected tissue before swallowing, and the soreness goes away. Thanks so much for sharing with us...all good wishes for continued recovery from the congestion. Jan

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Sapper21 in reply to jmsutt73

Thankyou jmsutt73. I forgot to mention the sore throat: I will try the spoonful of honey to ease it. Every best wish for 2019. Albert.

Hi IZZYWIZZY, go back to your doctor and explain how you feel, not all inhalers are suitable and we are all different. It could be your lungs still getting rid of the gunk through smoking. Wish you all the best for 2019 x


Hi do not go back to the cigs,eventually it will make matters worse. Your GP should by now have given you some antibiotics and steroids to fight the chest infection. I find the best for me is Clathromysin it seems that it is aimed more toward chest type infections than most other antibiotics.


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IZZYWIZZY in reply to lKeith

Hi I've had 2 lots of steroids and 1 dose of antibiotics and still got chest problems up most of the night coughing. My chest feels on fire and now starting to get really depressed.

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lKeith in reply to IZZYWIZZY


Hi again, Often the GP will give you an antibiotic such as Amocoxocilin (Spelling may be wrong) which is supposed to be a general catcher of bugs but does not seem to include chest infections. Have you tried asking for Clarithromycin 500 mg or Doxycycline 100 mg. both work for me and appear to kill off the infection together with the steroids.

Don't give in to it, do try other antibiotics until you get one that works for you. Then ask GP for a standby pack that includes the best antibiotic for your needs.


Hi izzywizzy, i can’t comment on the inhaler but am wondering if you might be on the wrong antibiotics? Has your doc suggested a sputum test? If not, I would ask for one ASAP so the lab can check which bug is causing your infection. My docs will even authorize this over the phone now to save me going into the surgery. Good luck 🍀

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