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Do i have pleurisy

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Do i have pleurisy. I have a a sharp numbing pain when I inhale. The best way I can describe it is it at the start of a breath it's like a pain what throbs from one side of the back/side of my neck Into my top right shoulder back. Iv taken ibuprofen nd the pain hasn't numbed.

I have no cough.

Just pain. It also pains me when I stand up crouch down

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I think you'd best call the GP first thing for an emergency appointment.

If you write pleurisy in the search bar you'll get loads of info on it. P

Get it checked out - sooner seen, earlier cure. Very painful but ABs and painkillers will sort it. Good luck.

It sounds similar to what I had

I followed the very good advice on here

I’m being treated for it now

Keep well


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