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Hello. I have asthma and bronchiectasis. I feel ok at the moment but get a lot of upper back/chest pain? It hurts when lying down and I can't sleep because of it. Is this normal part of bronchiectasis?

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I have Asthma and Bronchiectasis but even when having an exacerbation, I don't have any pain. But that's just me. Hopefully others will post in answer to you. You could ring the helpline 03000 030 555, Which will be back up and running on 2 January 2019 at 9am. or If you’re happy to wait for a reply, you can also email at Please include your name and phone number and they will call you back as soon as they can in the new year.

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Thanks. My Hosp consultant not much help either. I just wondered if it was a normal part of the condition as I have had reflux for past few years too.


Have same condition and just now chest rattle and dull ache at top and back of left lung

This is usual for me when "off it" but not same for everyone. Just had 2 cocodamal so will be suffering side effects of that tomorrow!

Try not to let it get gou down x

I also have bronchiectasis and asthma and when I’m getting those pains it usually requires yet another trip to the docs for antibiotics etc. Recently, I have had a lot of ab’s and chest infections. Just back on them today after my doctor rang to inform me I needed another round when the blood tests confirmed it wasn’t gone. Had an xray this morning and have to have yet another blood test (not easy since they have to use a butterfly needle just to get any in the back of my hand. There’s gonna be scar tissue forming at the rate of recent blood tests!

It is a bit of a concern that you have that pain all the time and it doesn’t sound right. What are you taking to help with your conditions? I would be tempted to see the gp about it and see if anything else is causing the pain. If your consultant isn’t helpful, I’d request a different consultant!

Best of luck and seasons greetings.

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Anna6 in reply to ladytelita

Hi. I am not on any treatment at the moment as new to this condition, and consultant waiting for further scan reports to come back. Totally frustrated with local Hosp as feel that treatment needs started. I do take pain killers regularly. I do have scar tissue from reflux so maybe its a bit of that too. Going to go back to docs to insist on further tests I think. Thanks for all advice.

Hi. I have both conditions too. Have aches /pains surrounding lung areas. Mine seem to vary. Medical opinion seems to be muscular. Always worth mentioning when visiting docs.

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Anna6 in reply to hoping2improve

Thanks. I do wonder if all the coughing won't help. Will mention it at docs.

Not sure which of my lung diseases cause it but yes to back pain? severe sensitivity and feeling like my bra is two sizes too small. I sleep on a wedge pillow, really helps with acid reflux, hardly had any since its inception, also cut out most obvious carbs. Coughing certainly wont help, I take 2 1/2 mgs of prednisolone (French spelling) and hardly cough at all except when I don't cover my mouth in damp and cold weather.

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Thanks, my pain still there but been back to gp. Got infection too so probably worse at the moment. Sleep propped on my side as can't get comfortable in bed. Still waiting for Hosp follow up.

Hi, I too get a lot of upper back pain, particularly around my right shoulder. It feels muscular but with no restriction on movement. It is definitely worse during an exacerbation. I have asthma and am still waiting on results to confirm bronchiectasis.

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Anna6 in reply to Poppins23

Hi. Thanks. Its so frustrating waiting for hospitals and follow up. I hope you get sorted soon. I have an infection so on antibiotics, pain easing slightly, but I know it won't last long. My pain feels muscular too but not hurt it in any way. Pain killers helping but was hoping not to be reliant on them. I have asthma and reflux too.

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Poppins23 in reply to Anna6

It's the same for me, it feels muscular but no pain or restriction on movement. It is worse for me when walking as it can be painful when breathing. I also have reflux and have wondered whether this could be the root cause of the pain. I've had it pretty much constantly since my asthma was first diagnosed almost five years ago. It is always worse during a flare up. Pain relief eases it but never actually clears it up. I guess I've learnt to live with it over time, but there are days when it stops me in my tracks as I just can't draw a deep enough breath. Fingers crossed you get some answers.

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Anna6 in reply to Poppins23

Thanks, we sound pretty similar. My gp thought a lot of the pain could be associated with lung damage from the reflux and with all the chest infections I keep getting. Keep well.

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Mine's my left shoulder, agony if I eat anything cold, really brings you up short, can't see the connection though why should a shoulder hurt because of what you eat?.

I really feel for people in the UK, must be most unsettling, cos I know how slow things move there, I am really lucky that I get appointments so fast, ie 1 week to go to the CT scanner !!. Think I am a bit of an interesting project for them too as I am the only one they have ever seen with 4 progressive lung diseases at once, though the British attitude of NOT taking a bucket load of tablets baffles and I question everything and keep myself informed, doctors do not like that, most French leave everything up to the doctor and don't decide anything for themselves, don't know any one that has done any research into their condition.

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Starstream in reply to Poppins23

Mine is my right shoulder and arm, very painful but as you say no restriction on movement, I have asthma and mild Bronchiectasis. 🤔

Hi, I have had pain in my shoulder and arm since Christmas, it started after a pulmonary exercise class so I thought it was the weights. Been seeing a physio but it is only slightly better so could be the Bronchiectasis I have had a chest infection as well and coughing really hurts. Infection has cleared up but now I feel an exacberation coming on. This year has not started well!


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Poppins23 in reply to Starstream

I'm always trying to find a reason for my pain, but have to accept that it most likely is the bronchiectasis. I'm sorry to hear that you aren't doing so well at the moment. Fingers crossed you get sorted soon.

Hi. I would go back to doctor. Maybe you need longer course of antibiotics. Hope you get sorted. I take Co codamol. It does help.

I haven't been "officially" diagnosed but I know that Bronchiectasis is my problem. I am still on Levofloxacin, for 2 more days, for pneumonia. My problem is that the pain in my upper back, between my shoulder blades especially has not gone away. I had pleurisy very bad with this pneumonia and that is better but the ache, stabbing pain is still there?Even when I am feeling better.

I cough in the morning when I first get up. But I feel like there is mucus in there but I can't get it up. No matter how hard I try. It sounds like back/chest pain is very common, unfortunately. :(

I'm sorry you feel bad. I know this post was 4 months ago so I hope you are feeling better.

Thanks for your reply. I have recently had 2 courses of antibiotics for chest infections but recovering now. My gp seems to think the pains may be a bit of lung damage but having a couple of tests to make sure it's nothing else. Just waiting for them and then got my consultant app in March. Hopefully they will help more. I hope you are feeling better too.

Anna6 ... I’m right there with ya, .. Morning all ... I haven’t been on here for a while and as I’m sitting sucking my tube of sodium solution I thought I’d check up on news 🤨 I too have bx, asthma and reflux... I feel that I’m falling apart at the seams🤔🤔. I was diagnosed in August 17 after years of suffering. I have had pains in my back and sore heads (muscular I think) for ages .. it now has moved to the right side! and pains in my chest since Friday (right side) ... I constantly take pain killers to help with pain and see an alternative medicine lady who works on my back and lungs (mass ageing areas) now this is a first.. any suggestions / advice would be much appreciated. What age are you guys? I’m 44, 3 children /youngest nearly 6! Also what do you use to aid comfort at bedtime - I neatly crawl up the stairs to bed 🛌, toss and turn for ages—- feel tired alllllllll the time,, on that note I’m away to get a cuppa 😃 x

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Anna6 in reply to Bert74

Hi. At the moment I take pain killers mainly. Just had a course of antibiotics and have now been put on preventative antibiotic in the hope that it will reduce my episodes of chest infections. I wedge myself in bed as can only get to sleep on right side due to the pains. They are bit better after antibiotics at the moment. It takes me ages to feel better and I am tired a lot of the time too. Guess it's something I will have to get used to. I am 48. 4 kids between 10 and 16. Got hosp later this month so will see how that goes. All the best.


I have the same problem and when my lungs hurt I tend to up the nebuliser to for or five times a day, which does help, but today not feeling too good. Chest so bunged up all because of Gaviscon which nearly killed me. Hey I woke up this morning so thats a blessing.

Hope you soon feel better. x

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Anna6 in reply to Didgeydo

Hey, hope you feel better soon. 😊

Hi .. have any of you heard about deterra oils? ... there is one called ‘breathe’ I’ve just ordered it ... I will keep you informed... the products are a little overpriced but hey if they work and help a little I don’t care !!! Take it easy guys ;)

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Anna6 in reply to Bert74

Hi. Never heard of them. What do they do?

Morning it’s a type of pure oil - (placed in a diffuser), at the min I’m using tisserend tea tree - apparently it might keep bugs at bay 🤔🤔🤔😊 I will try anything!!!!


Since I was diagnosed with he condition I have experience chest pain, shoulder pain as well as a burning sensation in my lungs. When I have been taken to hospital I have been administered Mophine which has relieved my pain. Other times I have had to do with Paracetamol

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Anna6 in reply to Messageme1234

Thanks. I get the pains at night when I lie down. Pain killers do help but was hoping maybe there is something other than pain killers which could help. Going to see consultant in a couple of weeks time. Maybe he can help. Hope you keep p well. 😊

Hi .

I have Bronch and allergic asthma.

I have pain in my chest and back, when I get an infection.

I can hardly breath when I exert myself.

At the moment I've got a terrible infection, and the pain is not helping.

I'm on strong Antibiotics, and I usually dont needs steroids which I try to avoid , but I'm that bad I'm on just 5 days of steroids

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Anna6 in reply to Janlyn1953

Hi. I did reply but it went in news feed. I hope you are feeling better now. My gp has given me a tablet for nerve pain and back on ppi meds. They both are helping.

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Janlyn1953 in reply to Anna6


I'm not recovering very well.

I have an allergy to mould, Aspergillosis and it has attacked my lungs, it's not often I have had to have steroids but I'm on them now.

Has anyone else got this allergy.

I'm waiting to see the specialist.

My breathing is just starting to come back normal, but I'm so weak, I've never had anything so bad.

The mucus is bad to.

Hope you are okay.

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Anna6 in reply to Janlyn1953

Hi. I am feeling better at the moment. I hope you get sorted soon. It does take a long time to start recovering, rest up, keep warm and try to have a good diet. Hope you get to see consultant soon. 😊

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Annie04 in reply to Janlyn1953

Hello, I hope

You are feeling better now. I too have a high iEg to Aspergillosis (over 5000) and have been feeling dreadful. I have Bronchiectasis and severe asthma with four infections in four months. My GP practice wants me to to see the “asthma”’nurse and not the GP when unwell and it’s been a nightmare trying to ask for help.

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Anna6 in reply to Annie04

Hi. Sorry for the late reply but message wouldn't send. I hope you are feeling better. The nurses can be good and can often prescribe and easier to see. Why don't you try them. Just check you have been on right antibiotic. Send sputum sample in. Might just take rest and time to feel better.

I hope you feel better soon. I have now got long term antibiotics and tablets to try for nerve pain. They. are helping. Take care, rest up. I takes a while to feel better. X

Hi I have bronch and COPD also reflux I get a lot of back and shoulder pain when I have infection. Physio suggested I use Gaviscon Advance for the reflux and this helps with th bx too I don’t cough through the night now and sleep much better I haven’t had an infection since I started to use it either.

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Anna6 in reply to Polly62

Thanks for replying. I have restarted my ppi medication and the gp gave me some tablets for nerve pain. They both seem to be working. I am not coughing up as much anymore and sleeping but better now too. I have recently started azithromycin to help prevent infections as a trial but getting sharp pains in my ear. Not sure if it's a side effect of the antibiotic. I am seeing my consultant tomorrow. Take care, glad your feeling better now. 😊

Hlw!i have same problems!can u help me?

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Hi. Try your doctor, maybe they can help with medicines. If you are not well then rest up till you feel better and take pain killers. Hope your feeling better soon.

I feel sometimes

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