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GP’s Like Really n Virul Throat Infection’s

Well it’s all been going on WELL as far as suffering.

Friday evening had horrendus Throat infection n snot an all

Guess you might Seen em dieing round town’s cities .... and there healthy one’s

Guess the have GP like mine AS mine would not give me any emergency 🚨 antibiotics for over Xmas new year.

That’s despite have low IGM antibodies and NOW low IGA antibodies.

Ad not mind but was me WHO had to tell doctor I have chronic lung disease AND this was regular doctor I see.

Don’t know what was going on round he’s head but I don’t think best patient care over festive periods WAS one of them.

ANY got results from Beatrice jones protein’s or immunoglobulin might be expelling via urine AND thay come back and said my urine was too diluted for test

So don’t know what that means but have other pot AND this will be 3rd attempt

Any one else suffer from diluted urine and what can mean

O yer and nearly forgot HAPPY XMAS everybody;)

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Merry Christmas to you and Dad and fingers crossed, the New Year will bring us some Doctors who actually care for their patients and actually try to diagnose any ailments,without having to get on our knees and beg! Sorry to read you've been suffering with a throat certainly dont get any "quiet" days! So Merry Xmas to you both.x

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Hi SquirrelHolt defo seems that way AND I for one hope too we will get GPS tad intresteded.

He might been worried about brexit AS when we leave we can check test gp’s NHS employ with out EU silly rules stopping us.

Anyway Happy Xmas too ;)

Hope you and your family can enjoy Christmas JAS. The doctor should have given you an emergency pack just to keep you going but then he didn’t seem to know you have lung disease. Makes you feel special. Hope you feel better soon. Take care xxxx

Wishing you a happy Christmas too. I hope you have nice day with your dad. I don't know how some doctors can be so clueless about their patients or seem to have so little care and consideration. Here's hoping things start to improve for you soon. 🎄

Well Jeff sorry to hear Christmas is no difference for you. Dilute urine That must be all the water we are being told to drink for good health pardon my sarcasm. On the other hand it could be the Kidneys producing too much for what ever reason, or tablet side effect the doctor is supposed to know the answer not us wouldn't you think. Try taking the sample first thing in the morning , it is usually more concentrated then OK. For now enjoy Christmas till the doctors surgery reopens, I have to ring for a prescription as we can't have them before due date and only one prescription per month on repeats I am told. Hope your Dad is well too right now .

You are not alone, my GP is also v negative & refused antibiotics. I called 111 who sent & ambulance who took me to A&E where I was given a thorough check up, including chest x-Ray, antibiotics & steroids & even an app. for a walk in clinic to see a respiratory doc yesterday am. The hospital was fantastic so kind & helpful. It was time consuming but I was so unwell I had nothing else to do.

I hope you are able to enjoy Xmas all best wishes.

Hope you feel better soon and you can enjoy the season.

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