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Visit to The Vet for Princess

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My Baby Girl had a Lump under her Eye on her cheekbone, we thought she had been Bitten, this was Friday. Over the weekend, the Lump grew bigger, we had a Vet's appointment this morning, but had to rush her there, as she scratched the Lump and it was an Abcess, it Bled profusely. She now has lots of Meds and feeling poorly. The hole in her Cheek is quite Big for a little girl Face. . How things happen so fast. We honestly don't know what caused it, she is a Home Doggie and only has the Garden to run in. As the Vet said, could have been anything ? My Poor Baby. xxx She is wanting to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Positive 2019. Photo from last Xmas. xxxxx

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Speedy recovery princess. Worse than kids I tell my Arthur. (BIG BLACK LAB) but we do love them. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Jane🐕

Oh bless her Carolina. Hope she will be much better soon. Such a shame. Lovely photo. Xxxx 🐕🐩

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Get well soon Princess, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year to all of you.😊love Bernadette and Jack my little dogxxxx

Oh dear, I hope it soon heals and doesn’t pain her too much

Poor Princess! I hope she gets better soon. A happy Christmas to you all 🎄🎅🎁☃️🕊✨

Looks like your little pooch will be consuming rescue a.b's like some of our members for christmas dinner Carino but well done for reacting quickly and i am sure that within a few days she will be leaping up and down and enjoying all the fuss i am sure she receives.

Scruff's sends healing purrs to her doggie counterpart but advises her to get a new party frock befitting of a lady. maybe that little black number. :)

Ski's and a cat not in panto xx

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Hacienda in reply to skischool

Gracias Amigo. She is cuddled up on my Knee, had her AB's & penicillin, little Heart beating away. The Abcess was quite Big, by the size of the Hole it's left. No Dress on Tomorrow, we are all at Mother in laws. Just her Blanket. Xxx

I think some little dogs have big hearts and are very brave . With your loving care I’m sure she’ll soon be well soon . Meanwhile she’ll love being centre of attention and cuddles . Best wishes to you both 😊x

Oh dear I hope she is feeling better very soon. Many years ago one of my cats had a lump under one ear and by the next day it was huge. I rushed her to the vets and this was an abscess too. It burst on the operating table but all the vet was concerned about was the sterility of it when my poor cat was frantic. x

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Hacienda in reply to hypercat54

Oh Dear, your poor cat. Princess is still not right. It will take a few days, she must have had a lot of pain. She has her next meds at 6 pm. She won't be with Hubby, only me, only Mums are wanted when they are poorly. Xxxx

Poor baby ..

Hope she is better soon xx

Golly that is the last thing you'd have thought to be doing just before Christmas day. Poor little Princess and I'm sure all the love she receives,she'll make a full recovery.

Wishing you and family, a Merry Christmas!

Oh Carolina.😔 Poor, poor Princess. When I was a child, my cat 🐱 sometimes came home with swelling like that, and the vet removed all the pus and bandaged him up. The vet thought he had been at a poisoned frog or similar. I hope she is comfortable. *HUG* xx 💜

Princess, feel better soon, so you can enjoy Christmas....

Hope you have a Merry One!!



Happy Christmas Day to you all & Thank you on behalf of Princess for your Comments. She is not my same little Princess Today, Both of us not slept well, although the Pain seems to have subsided, she is in a Trauma. Hope after her next meds, she will get back to her old self and the memory of the Vet goes into History. . Have a Great Day everyone. xxxx

Poor little darling, hope it heals soon x x x

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Hacienda in reply to Shirleyj

Thank You Hun. Have a Lovely Xmas day. xxxx

Hope your little Princess is back to full health soon. Our pets are our babies too . Not nice when one of them is poorly.x

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Hacienda in reply to watergazer

Thank You Hun. Hope so too. Will just Cuddle her all day. have a Lovely Christmas day. xxx

Oh dear, commiserations, such a worrying time. I'm sure she'll be okay once the meds kick in.

My dog's sister had something similar only because she's black we didn't notice until her eye clouded over & all very swollen. Turned out to be a splinter she'd got from chomping on sticks, it'd taken some weeks to travel through the soft tissue of her throat. The infection was widespread. They thought she was a goner but she was soon absolutely fine.

Thinking of you

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Hacienda in reply to peege

Thank you for your explanation, I also thought it could have been her long Chewy Sticks, and she may have jammed her eye, as that is where the problem started. They are her Favourite, with chicken soft hide. Now she is still a bit upset and her Confidence has been knocked. Her meds hopefully will take the pain away making make her feel Better, Hopefully Tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas Day Peege, Thank you for your Comment. Love n Hugs xxxxxx

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope Princess' abcess heals very quickly.

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Hacienda in reply to Ergendl

Hi Hun, its quite a big hole for a littleun. Once the meds take over, sure she will be back to Normal. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas Day Hun. Love n Hugs xxxxx

Hope she's better soon - she's a real cutie x

I truly hope princess is getting better.

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