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Is anyone taking this medication continuously , they only give it to me for 5 days at a time , I think it helps , But when I,m off it I get worse again , I have mild to moderate copd.

They changed my inhaler too today from ventolin to Atrovent and I take Anoro in the morning , Is Anoro any better than Braltus tiotropium.

A Merry XMAS to all here.

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I’ve been continually on it for a few yrs. now my dr, has decided to stop it. So I’ve been slowly weaning myself off but feel like crap. The laws in the USA are seriously cracking down on med prescriptions. Irritates me because I’m too far gone to dream of the fantasy of my health returning. I just want to be comfortable.

Pete is on10mg of pred each day and has been on it for 27 years. He won’t stop taking it. Pete was off pred for nearly 4 weeks in hospital and it affected his recovery. He’s doing better now. Xxx

Hi if you are mild/moderate then unless you have other health conditions I can't see any reason why you would be on predisilone indefinately. You would normally only get them if you had an exacerbation or chest infection, or if you were at a much more severe level. There is a reason why they call them the 'devils pills' Steroids cause nasty side effects and you would only be put on them long term if absolutely necessary. x

Not sure why you’re on them usually for severe copd I’m on 50 mg a day and I don’t see how they help at all except putting on weight

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Ithink you ought to get appt with GP and have your medication and dosage explained. Your analysis of prednisilone and your treatment does seem to be sadly awry. See HyperCat54 above.


I have been on steroids and antibiotics for 3 weeks now (chest infection) and, thank goodness, I have never had an adverse reaction - having taken steroids over the years. Doctors are genuinely loathe to prescribe steroids due to the very real danger of developing osteoporosis. I know, first hand, from a good friend who has been on prednisolone for many years. He has now developed serious bone weakness and has had several operations - all down to the steroids. Steroids certainly have their place but I would certainly only take them as a last resort.

Hope you soon feel well and a happy and healthy Christmas to all.

Thank you all for your valued advice, One medication that is helping me to breathe better at nightime is Frenadol decongestant capsules, I,m taking one a night. made by Johnson & Johnson, but don't know if its available in UK.

I have been on steroids on and off for many years. The doctor then decided that rather than keep giving me high doses of steroids for short periods often, to keep me on on a maintenance dose of 5 mgs a day. I have been very well in this I think my copd is classed as severe

I have it for 5 days really helps but unfortunately after that I get about 3- 4 good weeks then I'll again. Don't think it is good to take it continusly.

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I used Anoro for six weeks as a replacement for Advair and Spiriva. I got terribly congested and went back to Advair and Spiriva. Doctor suggested that I needed the steroid in the Advair. Perhaps you need a change in medication.

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