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Xmas panto

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Went to se our son on his 56th birthday where he now lives in a purpose build block of flats for people with mobility problems. The residents ,mostly my age or older put on a Dick Whittington Panto which was really good and filled with humour. It was followed by a lady choir singing carols. And favourite old songs which we all joined in with. Got permission from the Fairy in the show her photo.feel I was viewing care at its best. There is a cafe and hairdressers on site carers available 24 hours a day . It was a lovely afternoon and was pleased to have been invited.

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You certainly had a great time Joyce with lots of fun and good humour. That’s nice to hear.

Have a very merry Christmas. Xxxx

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I did . Hope you and Pete enjoy your Christmas too

It sounds like a really good place. Happy birthday to your son! 🎁🎂🎈🎉🍰

The Santa Fairy love it that’s a good one . Although more importantly you got to have good time with your son and you were well enough to even go that’s so awesome I’m stoked for all of you. I’m also from USA and I forget sometimes you guys may not understand my slang or my humor or my very frank and outgoing voice on this site but I just exclaimed my happiness for you and your family- Happy Holiday Season-

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And best wishes to you too

Great fun Joyce 🙂

That is so lovely merry Xmas and happy new year. Majt 😊 🎄🎅 💐 🤶 ⛄

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All the best to you too Majt ☃️🍹🎄

That must have been incredibly special for you.

It showed how despite their health problems, the residents were determined to put on a good show and have fun in the process and they did.

Inspirational. Thx for sharing. We must never forget our old folk.