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My Dad has COPD and heart failure

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My dad has had two hospital admissions this year and both times he has come out sooo much better but it never seems to last. In November he went in and they removed nearly two stone of fluid that had built up because of his heart failure and when he came home his breathing was great, O2 levels 92% and heart stable. Three weeks later he can no longer walk up stairs, he’s cold all the the time and his breathing is pretty bad, he struggles to talk for long periods without it affecting his breathing. Respiratory nurse said 10. days ago that the oxygen is reaching the bottom of his lungs so that sounds good but maybe it’s his heart? His heart rate tonight was 56 on his oximeter and I’m thinking maybe this is causing his breathlessness. I’ve suggested hospital but I know unless I push it he won’t go until he can no longer cope. I think he needs to be checked over ☹️

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Hi NicP, I think you’re right but your dad probably thinks he really doesn’t want to go back into hospital. Can he be persuaded? I hope so, just for peace of mind. Xxxx

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I think if I go round there and say you need to at least go to A & E to be seen he’ll probably do it. I’m just shocked that he’s come out of hospital like a new man and then gone down hill so quickly.

I’m going to see him tomorrow. Thanks for your reply.

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I wish you and your dad well. Xxxx

Was he being given steroids in hospital? If so, this could be an explanation of why he appeared so much better when first coming out of hospital. Steroids can make you feel like superman as well as suppress any inflammation. Then after a few days to a week after coming off steroids, he appears to go downhill as his breathlessness increases once more. A heart rate of 60 to 100 beats per minute whilst at rest is normal.

As comparison, my own bpm at rest is around 120 bpm with o2 at around 92% and I am just 1% away from having very severe COPD (Emphysema).

Hi NicP! I have copd and Cong Heart Failure. Both contribute to my breathing. With me..No salt..I am on Water pills and also a pill that protects me from filling up with water again! I had 27lbs of water in me a few years ago. Over the past few years...I have not filled up again! I have noticed, if I need to lose more water fast..I eat watermelon! Its great! Is your Dads legs,belly swollen? If so...its water. That would account for his bad breathing! He really needs to be seen.......Janet 127

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Hi Ya

What is the pill called to stop you filling up with water, I am on water pills and have been for many years, but I have never heard of a pill to stop you filling up again

Thank you


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Hi ya Mr Wizardkid! I always wanted to meet a WIZARD! The name of the pill in the U.S. is SPIRONOLACTONE 50 MG . Janet127

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Thank you for your reply, as I am a Wizard I can grant you one wish..............

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One wish..Mr Wizard!!!!! Lets see now...just one wish....That EVERYONE, EVERY WHERE, Gets their Wish to come true! AWESOME! Thank you Mr Wizard! Janet127

Sending best wishes to you and your dad.

I a gree,as aoon as possible.

My late husband Bob had COPD and heart failure. He used to swell up like a football when he ate or drank things with cows milk in. He also got very breathless with bleached white flour products. I did an accidental partial elimination diet when we holidayed in Rhodes in the 1980s which is how we found out about it.

This may not be your father's problem, as fluid retention can be caused by all sorts of things. PM me if you want more info.

My husband has severe emphysema and cor polmonale ( enlargement of Right side of heart as a result of lung disease or Pulmonary blood vessels). On his last stay in hospital he was given Flurosemide tablets to get rid of the fluid by his consultant. Many others on here take them too.

He was feeling a bit under the weather this week but by chance had a review of his medication at the GPs. She listened to his lungs and said she thought there were signs of an infection so gave him a weeks supply of steroids.

I'd ask about the Furosemide at his next appointment. If you're worried ring 111 for advice. If they think he needs to be seen they'll send the paramedics to check him out and decide if he needs to go to A&E.

Wishing you all the best


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Thanks for your reply. Yes dad is on that water tablet and he doesn’t look like he is full of water currently. He was on a small dose of ramipril but was causing him to be very dizzy so the GP gave him a week off it and 95% of the dizziness has gone so she has left him off it. Maybe a lot of what he’s feeling is just the COPD but I will ring 111. Thanks again

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My dad had furosemide and ramipril, among other things. He also had to be on a salt free diet and avoid foods containing vitamin K. And to keep his feet elevated when sitting.

Thinking of you and your dad 🕊

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Hi....I retain water and am on Furosemide. I'm very curious to know why your Dad avoids food with Vit K? I was about to order Vit D3 with Vit K2 pills to boost my flagging energy. 😀💊💐

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Sorry for the tardy reply. I think it's because vitamin K thins the blood so it had to be avoided with all the blood thinners and anti coagulant medications.

Best wishes to you both for a good outcome, quickly.

Yes,if they are talking about the equation fraction of his heart..56 is really good! Mine was 55 with 45. Janet127

Sounds like it. hubby ha the same not been in hospital yet. Hope you get some help

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