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Was at my lung/chest specalist yesterday going through all pathology results and last weeks CT scan, after 2 months of Post Op I have a massive moth ball growing inside my lung where they removed the last two. I'm on medication day and night for 7 months so hopefully this stuff will kill it off, i also need to go for bloods and scans to keep and eye on vital organs. Anyone heard of this?

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Yes I’ve heard of it David, it’s a fungi I believe. Pete was tested for it but it was negative.

Wishing you well and hope the treatment works. Xxxx

No I haven’t really heard of it. I suppose it’s a good thing the doctors know what it is and are treating it. How are you feeling? Take care of yourself 🍰☕️

Some fairly bog standard stuff from the Nhs, but not an uncommon condition,looks like you may be in for a long course of antifungals but only your consultant can explain the full course of action he intends to take.

good luck for the future...Ski's and Scruff's

Yes, aspergillus antibodies appeared in my bloods 4 years ago, I was referred to Prof David Denning at Wythenshawe hospital, Manchester where I am now a patient.

Just take care of yourself and follow instructions carefully.

Any problems BLF will give you details to get to this hospital, great team.


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maggy12 in reply to Annieosb

Prof Denning is the best for Aspergillus

Hi I had a similar situation. No lump but aspergillus infection. Its from mold spores black mold specifically. The lung doc told me there is a treatment, low dose anti biotics but he would not give them to me because my reading was under 1,000 He said if it goes over the 1,000 he would. I treated myself with colloidal silver, that was a few years ago, I have since been in hospital last year with my first exasabation and it was gone.

Hi 1968, Yes, I’ve got it. It’s a common mold but it loves taking up residence in some of us. It lives in damp areas and consultant has told me I can carry on gardening but not to go near compost bin and don’t sweep up leaves. Wishing you well. Joy x

Hope it doesn't take too long to get rid of the fungus. Good luck and all best wishes.

Good luck with the treatment. Hope it works quickly.

Never heard od this sorry.

I was told I had Aspergillosis after having pneumonia in April. I was in hospital for three days then sent home to recover. I kept saying that I couldn’t breathe very well on waking in the morning. About a month later I passed out as I was having great difficulty breathing. I was taken into hospital again and they scanned me and took blood tests. It showed I had had a very bad asthma attack. They also found out that I was suffering from aspergillosis which I had never heard of before. I was put onto steroids and sent home with an inhaler of Fostair. I was supposed to go back to see them on 14 th December but I cancelled as it was a twenty two mile journey to be there at 3.45pm. It meant I would have to drive home in the dark. I’ve got bad eyes and wasn’t prepared to do that. They made another appointment for last week but I couldn’t go as I was already in hospital with a fractured vertebrae. So now I don’t know when I will be able to go. Anyway I feel fine now. Hope yours will clear for you soon.

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1968 in reply to Mavary

Hi, I'm on medication for 7 months however each week i need my bloods done to check the medication isn't effecting vital organs.

Hope your on the mend.

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Mavary in reply to 1968

I hope the medicatio. Works for you. I don’t seem to have any more problems from the aspergillosis. I have now got problems with my bones. Apparently I must have had osteoporosis before I was ill. I had one bone fracture a few months ago then just before Christmas I had another fracture in the waist. I was taken into hospital with that one in total agony. I came out on the Friday before ChristmS

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Mavary in reply to Mavary

Sorry I’m texting on my phone and I keep pressing the wrong part. Anyway! I came out just before Christmas. I’m still recovering from the break and am taking it easy. I was given steroids for the aspergillosis which apparently tipped my bones over. So now I have osteoporosis very bad. Obviously I’m going to have to be very careful now. I had another fracture in my back that was an older one bringing it up to three. I’ve now shrunk two or three inches.

Ouch 😮 A fracture in the waist? I'm prodding my tummy as we speak, not sure where there's a bone in there, but I'm sure it must be horribly painful. I hope you start to feel better soon 💐

When I said waist I meant the bone at the back waist level.

I see. It still sounds pretty painful to me!

It is. But it’s the second one in just a few months. I’ve also got an older one. This last one is definitely the worst. I just wish I could have known before then maybe I could have prevented the breaks.

The dreaded steroids cause as many problems as they cure. Unfortunately accidents happen so quickly and without warning, even when you're being careful. One moment you're fine and the next you're slipping or falling. Especially in this weather. Take extra good care of yourself 💐

That really worries me now I’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis badly. I definitely won’t be going out when it’s icy. The thing is my back went with no warning. I think my ribs have gone as well. They won’t X Ray the ribs as they say they can’t do anything anyway.

They have been giving me a lot of pain though. I had the ambulance out a week ago Saturday as my ribs had gone into spasm which was setting my broken back into spasm also. I was in an awful state. The ambulance people stayed with me for a long time and at one point said if it carries on they would have to take me in. I called them again this Saturday just gone as I was having sharp pains in my chest. They cleared me of a blood clot thankfully but obviously it must have been my ribs again. I asked my Dr if I could have an X Ray to see what state they are in but she wouldn't let me as I’ve had so many X Rays this year. What with having pneumonia as well. At the moment I’m a walking disaster.

I'm sorry to know you're having such a bad time. There isn't anything that can be done for broken ribs unfortunately. I'm guessing you've already got all the painkillers and medications to help, not that more pills are necessarily helpful. I can't imagine what a difficult time you must be having. I really do hope things start to improve soon 🤞

I’ve decided New Year new me. I’ve had enough of feeling poorly in 2018. I’m texting this just after the New Year has ticked over so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’ve had to miss the lung clinic appointment as I was in hospital. I don’t think I will be going for quite a while as I couldn’t do the breathing thing without collapsing in agony. I’m sure I must be rattling with all the tablets I’m taking.

Yes! Really nasty. I was taken to hospital in agony. It’s much better now than it was but not quite there yet. I’ve been through the wars this year but Hey!! It’s a new year soon and I’m aiming to be better. Thank you for replying.


Yes it's very nearly the new year, and may it be a healthier and better one for you 🕊️

You too! I’ve got my fingers crossed. 🤞

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