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Anyone here got Myasthenia with breathing issues?

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Hi. I have Myasthenia Gravis (18 months), and Asthma (from birth), I'm 59, male. I have increasingly bad breathing issues.

I've had a barrage of heart and breathing tests that all come up with nothing. My Neurologist insists it's not a symptom of MG, yet dozens of people on the Facebook MG page all say they have the same.

It's NOT Asthma. Using a finger oxymetre, that shows 97% on my wife, I'm constantly around 90%.

QUESTION: Anyone else with MG on here with any info please?

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Hi I have MG and have COPD same problems know one is interested when I say (it’s maybe my mg) I am I. Remission at the moment had to stop taking pyridostigmine affected my breathing my lovely consultant who I had at that time wrote to the makers and they agreed they could affect affect breathing hope this helps

Hi thanks for the reply. That's interesting. I'll check the slip in the box for that side effect. Mine is getting worse and worse, I've had every test and no one can say what it is. I'm on a Facebook page for MG sufferers and almost everyone has breathing issues. Now I think back 18 months I had a blue light situation with severe problems 2 weeks after starting on pyridostigmine! It has such a positive effect on the MG I never miss a dose. I'm going to try and leave it out for a couple of days and see what happens I think. It only has a 4 hour half life so I doubt there will be a withdrawal problem, I can always 'pop' pne if there is.

Best wishes and thanks Graham

Take care and keep in touch

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