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Waking up in a panic

Hi, I’m Lynne. I’m new here & thought I’d say hello 😊 I have COPD & asthma & wondered if anyone else wakes every morning unable to breathe out? I wake every day & wonder how well I’ll feel. Most days I spend the first 10 minutes calming myself down from a panic attack. I then sit in bed for about an hour, coughing, breathing steam & taking inhalers & tablets, to enable me to breathe enough to manage a shower to get ready for work. It takes a further 2-3 hours to clear my lungs enough to feel almost normal.

Does anyone else feel like this in the morning? xx

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Yes, I have get up at around 5/5:30 am to start work at 8:00 am to start gunk clearing and taking my meds with my first breakfast, I have another breakfast at 10:00 along with more meds. I have to say that I have got used to the early start and even when not working still get up at the same time.

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Thank you for your reply 😊

Nice to know I’m not alone in the early hours clearing the decks x

Hello Lynne I'm foxy79

Just to let to know I go through more harder phaze everyday from 6am till 2pm that's how long it takes me to get normal I have server copd broncechtisis respiratory type 2 asthma emphysema pseudomnas I'm on oxygen nebulizer and bipeb machine everyday with lots of tablets and colomycine I'm 38years old can't even go work it sometimes takes ages to my lungs even then I can't cause it's to thick always see there's people are I worse situation and be grateful could have been worse with you sorry if I sounded harsh or bad had no intention just trying to say I was like you and know that I have seen so much and experience it I try to help or advice others

Welcome to the firm you can ask anyone here there are nice people here who will advise you good luck

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Thank you for your reply & honesty. It’s hard to stay positive sometimes isn’t it? But the people in here all seem lovey & supportive 😊

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Hi again Lynne

Please anything anytime text me happy to advise you as I know where you comeing from and sometimes it can be scary and hard but trust me more quickly we accept it life gets easier plus your in early stages there's soo much they can do for you and offer you stay strong things will improve take care

Foxy 💐

I to am like this but my problem is my lungs don’t clear so dam hard

I think you will find that most people on here do something similar. You just have to incorporate it into your routine until it becomes a habit that you do without thinking about it. Gone are the days when you just hopped into bed at night and went straight to sleep. Then arrived at work next morning within minutes of getting up. 🙄

Welcome. For a lot of us mornings are the worst and there’s some good advice in your responses. Eventually we kind of find a different routine from what we are used to. I used to feel very anxious for a good hour after waking.

For me I realised I had to accept my situation and I realised that it could be much worse. I am sure the anxiety will lesssen and hopefully disappear for you.

My battle has been with the acceptance of my condition.

It does get easier, truly.

Good wishes

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Thank you for your kind words 😊

Welcome and yes I have experienced much the same as yourself. I have all the same and Emphysema. Good days and bad days and worse and a day can be broken down into good and bad sometimes. Its taken me such a long time to accept the slow down and change in routines and the slowness of every thing I try to do. I was diagnosed 14 years ago and I am still adapting but it helps me to take it a day at a time and bring myself back into the now constantly. Don't give up and look for the good bits and dwell on those good bits. Learning how to deal with the anxiety was a big one for me and breathing techniques are important. As time goes on I collect more tools and knowledge all helping to ease the situation. Best of luck.

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Thank you so much. It’s definitely a case of enjoying the good days & surviving the bad.

All the best to you 😊

Hi Lynne, when i get up at 5.30am i have a severe cough and have to clear my throat, the more I cough the more difficult it is to breath. I don't suffer panic attacks or worry about my breathing it is what it is. No point me complaining. Although i get out of breath just sitting recently. If i was you I would visit your GP and tell him about the panic attacks although clearing the decks as you call it is normal.

Many of the asthmatics have similar issues. I try and take my combination inhaler late at night hoping it'll keep my airways open. And once a week I'll have a few puffs of ventolin and then go for a brisk walk. That seems to open me up and then I can clear my chest. To be fair I don't get it as bad as most. Not yet anyway. Good luck.

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