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Hi All, i am new on here my story is i smoked for 46 years I tried to stop smoking several times without success. Then i started feeling unwell every now and again a feeling like i was going to collapse. This happened quite a few times until I realised it was smoking related. I booked an appointment with a Hypnotherapist and I have not smoked since and that was 15 months ago. I then visited my GP and after a spirometry test i was diagnosed with COPD. I pushed my GP to refare me to a respiratory specialist which he did several inhalers later. I have had blood tests, lung c.t. scan and more spirometry test. My scan shows Emythaseia and biaptical scarring. I am back at the Hospital on the 27 Dec for more tests. My breathlessness is going worse day by day. I am still working as a Joiner and finding it hard, financially i can't stop work plus I enjoy it.

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Whilst there is nothing wrong at all working with COPD (I do), I would really question your trade. Wood dust can cause all sorts of respiratory diseases inc. COPD. See links below:

Although your GP would not be able to make comment, a respiratory consultant would probably be more able to advise you. You enjoy your work, as I do mine, but is it worth the risk of harming your health permanently for, could you not find alternate dust free employment. There are many here that suffer with COPD and I mean suffer, especially with the later stages. It really is a horrendous disease, not being able to breathe properly 24/7 without any let up. Being always out of breath when you try to do anything, eventually ending up on supplementary oxygen. Not something I would wish upon anybody, even to my worse enemy.

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Yes i do understand your point as to wood dust. A job in a dust free environment would not pay the same as i get now. When i see the consultant at my next clinic i shall find out from him and take it from there. I do feel for people on oxygen 24/7 it's not nice. I know i will end up there and when i do i will not be able to work. The Consultant will advise as you suggest the test are to a establish if wood dust or other is a problem. Plod on until told otherwise.

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I understand. I need to keep working myself. I used to be the chief engineer at wonderbread and hostess cake for 20 yrs. at the time I didn’t know I had genetic alpha one antitrypsin deficiency. I imagine all of the flour and product dust was bad for my lungs. I still work in the food industry as an electrical engineer but it’s fruit bars and healthy snacks. Not the flour dust. When I’m home I go nuts within a week. Bored out of my mind. But my Fev1 is getting lower and lower and I’m out of breath all the time. So changes are a coming.

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Sorry to hear your breathing is getting worse. It's not easy getting another job and yes flour dust is bad any kind of dust is bad for your lungs. Nice to hear from you have a nice Christmas.

I really hope you wear a first class mask at all times when working as that wood dust is lethal to you. Also have you applied for PIP which would give you an additional amount each month to help you live on. I wish you all the best. I have suffered from emphysema for some 28 years so I know what your going through but life can still be worth living just at a slower pace.

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Hello, yes i do wear a mask now but never used to but it's probably to late no point worrying about it now. I did some research on pip, i don't think i would get it at the moment I can still do things for myself. I am waiting for the conclusion of all my tests and what the consultant has to say. If the bi- apical scarring is due to asbestos exposure i will be putting a claim in.

Hello and welcome Chad

The first thing to remember is you do not have COPD! The NICE Working definition is: "There is no single diagnostic test for COPD, making a diagnosis relies on clinical judgement (an educated guess!) based on a combination of History, Physical Examination, and confirmation of the presence of airflow obstruction using Spirometry". So, as you have been given a definitive diagnosis, Emphysema etc, you do not have COPD because there is NO diagnostic test for it, but you do have a defined lung disease!

Too many doctors are getting away with telling patients they have COPD when in fact they have a defined lung disease diagnosis from a Respiratory Specialist! NICE is a government Statutory Body, and if they say there is NO diagnostic test for COPD then there is NO diagnostic test, never let your doctor tell you, you have COPD, when you have a definite diagnosis from a Consultant!

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Hello, yes i take your point that's why i pushed my doctor to refare me to a respiratory specialist because copd is an umbrella for chest complaints near enough every thing comes under it. I told my GP i need to see a specialist as i need a definative diagnosis as it could be my work that's caused it. I have done alot of research on this subject so i know what to expect as the disease progresses no point me complaining i have to get on with it.

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