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Hi all. I hope you're keeping well in this awful weather. I have my first chest infection of the season but it's not too bad so far (fingers crossed) and I haven't needed steroids yet (again, fingers crossed).

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has any autoimmune conditions and if so, is there a link with COPD? I've read a few research papers that suggest so but wondered what your experience was. I've been suspected of lupus in the past due to rashes, joint pain, chilblains, weight loss and am now being investigated for either Sjorgen's Syndrome or possibly lichen planus.

I just feel so ill and run down since my son was born 7 years ago! I'm 40 but feel 80 and have to admit to feeling rather cheated about this whole thing still. On the upside...made decorations with my son today so we'll be putting them up later. And my burnt house now has a window so we might be able to move back in in January. Slowly but surely getting legal advice via free half hour slots!

Thank you as always to you lovely people.

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Hello Artichokes . 👋

I am glad your life re: house is slowly coming back together. I do hope you can be home again very soon. Did they ever find the cause of the fire?

I have several autoimmune "problems" . Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren's and Raynaud's. When I was first diagnosed with RA ten years ago, one of the first things the Rheumatologist said, was that in some cases autoimmune disorders could cause lung disease. At the time, I remember thinking "Great, that's all I need." Then promptly boxing up that thought and wishing it away. But six years later I got diagnosed with Obliterative Bronchiolitis. OB is not under the list of COPD diseases and is notoriously hard to diagnose. But it is a serious life threatening illness. I am hoping you have a lung consultant and a Rheumatologist working with you and each other. If you do indeed have an autoimmune disease, getting a diagnosis and starting appropriate treatment as soon as possible is important . I find that when my RA / Sjogren 's is not well controlled, my lung issues get a whole lot worse.

I'm sorry for the long waffle. I hadn't intended on writing a thesis. 😯 I hope you are able to get the legal help you need Artichokes and very importantly that you have a warm, happy Christmas with your boy. Remember you aren't alone. We are all rooting for you.

Sending hugs,

Cas xx 🎄🎀🎄

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Arigato Cas-san! I'll get there eventually. No consultants, just the GP. I read that it can take years to get a proper diagnosis here in the UK. Aren't bodies complicated!!? Anyway, thanks for replying- you're a real inspiration and such a strong lady. xx

Hi Artichokes 🎄I can’t help with your query about autoimmunity and copd, I’m afraid, but do hope you’ll be home for Christmas and are able to make your house warm and happy for you and your son. It sounds as though you’ve been through an awful lot lately, poor you 💕

Let us know how things go, we’ll always be here for you.

Love ❤️😃❤️

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Thank you. That means a lot. x

Hi Artichokes

I think, yes, there can be a link. I'm a 51 year old who has never smoked. I have Lupus for so long and now, more recently, restrictive or Obstructive lung disease - maybe both. My diagnosis, alongside the lupus, reads:


Obstructive Airways Disease

I'm treated with immunosuppressants, 3 in 1 inhaler, carbocysteine and perhaps a nebuliser in time. I've had quite a battle with my lung doctor as he has not wanted to acknowledge or treat my complaints. Hope this helps a little. Xx

I'm sorry to hear of your battle Clare. Thanks for replying. xx

Hi Artichokes, I have rheumatoid arthritis and bronchiectasis and was told that anybody with autoimmune disease should watch their lung health as this is linked. I too feel fatigued alot of the time and try to have a healthy diet along with exercise, perhaps you should ask your doctor for blood tests to see if you are lacking in something, it could be a simple supplement could sort you out. So pleased your house is coming along even though its only one window it will soon be all of them. Sounds like you are having a lovely time with your son making decorations, these are what memories are made of. Try to stay positive, life will get better for you. Have a very Happy Christmas and New Year . Irene xx

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Thank you Irene. I'm being tested for B12 as well as all the autoantibodies etc. As for my's low down on my list of worries at the moment. It'll get there and I'm very lucky to have some local support. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! xx

There is a definite link between rheumatoid arthritis/autoimmune disease and lung disease, I have posted many studies in the past that shows this link.

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Thanks 2greys. I've had a search and a read of your posted articles (now I'm getting used to the forum better)! Interesting stuff. xx

Hello and welcome Artichokes. Sorry, can't help with your question. Does sound as if you've been through lots lately; hope things get better soon. All best wishes x

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Thank you Dedalus! x

Thank you everyone. Waiting back on further ANA and CRP testing then we'll see what's what.

ESR too I hope? CRP doesn’t reveal much in lupus people

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