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Advent challenge day 14


Hi everyone I hope you are feeling well and keeping warm and cozy. I'm late today as I've had my youngest grandson here. Well my challenge for today is making sure that the vunerable people as near me have plenty of food and drink in, and are warm in this cold weather. It isn't going out your way just to check that people are ok durnkng the cold weather. Have a lovely day and take care of yourselves.😊 Bernadette xx

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That is a lovely sentiment. Enjoy your grandson, I'm certain he will keep you fully occupied! x

in reply to SquirrelsHolt

Thank you Cazxx😊

That is lovely Damon1864 . I hope you had a nice time with your grandson. xx ⛄❄⛄

in reply to Caspiana

I did thank you. Have a good night.😊 Bernadette xx

Your Such a Kind Soul, All the very Best for Christmas to you Bernadette and your Family, & Grandchildren xxxxxx

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