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PIP mandatory reconsideration refused

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Got my mandatory reconsideration for pip refused, can't believe some of the reasons were I looked alright, I could talk about my co and ndition, I looked well dressed, could walk more than 200 metres and didn't appear breathless. Completely unfair as they didn't take into account the person I had in the assessment with me did most of the talking about my condition and escorted me to a waiting taxi. The way I look has nothing to do with my copd, and other condition, feeling so frustrated because my local advice has no more appointments for me to see someone to help me with the appeal form, I only have less than 2 weeks to send it in. Any advice would be great. Hope everyone's doing as well as can be

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Try. Turn2us just put it into search

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LawH1512 in reply to newlands

Thank you to everyone for all of your messages of tips and advice, I've read each one, although this makes me very anxious and sad, but it is the procedure now we just have to all accept. thanks for the links to some of these helpful websites and will be using particularly the Turn2us website I see to be most useful and helpful. once again, thank you everyone. Have yourselves a merry little Christmas time.

Don’t they look at medical records. Fev1%?


In the U.K. it’s not the condition, but how you are affected by that condition in terms of mobility needs and care needs. That determines whether you meet the criteria for benefits such as PIP.

For your enlightenment as to how/why a PIP payment is awarded.


The degree of your disability is secondary to your need for assistance because of it.

regards Ski's and Scruffs

benefitsandwork.co.uk/perso.... I found this website very helpful. Sorry, no good with computers, forgot how to do the link.

I would join Campaign at Benefits and Work - they will help. however their offices are closed for Christmas. In the meantime, I would put your appeal in. Highlight areas you believe to be wrong on the Mandatory Reconsideration Form - make sure you emphasise the day to day living problems that you have. Also emphasise what you can't do more than 50% of the time. For example, if you can only, occasionally, walk 200 meters, but your norm is less than a 100 - write this down. You must write about your worse days.

Once your initial appeal is in , you can add more information to it, which would give you time to get additional help. You can also write on your appeal that you will be sending more information in the forthcoming future.

The courts are very helpful and pleasant.

Good Luck

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Hopalong in reply to anng18

Good advice anng18. They know very well that at this time of year it's very difficult to get any help, and your idea will at least buy some time until after Xmas?

I do know that somewhere on the form it says that you should say how you are on your WORST day...? I didn't do this on my form - to my detriment (because I'm a stubborn cuss who won't admit I'm fast losing my independence!) - and it took a very long, detailed appeal to get me back where I should have been to start with!!

Good luck LawH1512. 🤞

Exactly the same as you must challenge it I got mine reinstated

Sadly on the one hand the government require you to remain independent while DWP expect you to stay at home in bed to qualify for what is an independence payment after all. Emphasise all the negatives of your illness including emotional effects, if it hurts to do it then you can't do it. As suggested log into some of the internet help advice sites for how to word it. You don't have to have help to qualify, personal hygeine is important , feeding yourself is another, taking medication, walking normally without limp, aids or wheelchair or worsening of your condition. Concentrate on what you can't do normally like other able people. Good luck with your appeal , you can appeal and send details later I beleive

Sadly this is the case my son was miraculously cured of his Autism we live in terrible times when the disabled and vulnerable are stigmatized 😒

I agree with above comments. You must emphasise how your disability affects you I.e. sleep more, need help shopping, unable to go out alone. You must look at how your illnesses affect you on your WORST DAY.

How you look has nothing to do with it.

Try your local council for a welfare rights councillor who would help complete the form and attend tribunal with you. Also get as much GP and Consultant written evidence you can. Good luck

This is what they are like. My partner has a rare condition where his leg muscles constantly fir. He can walk but if stops he falls to the ground. He was found fit to work. He wobbled from one lampost to the next for 6 months ??looking for work (the security men in in the dole office had to help him in to sign in)). We appealed and the judge to pleasure in telling us he looked ok and could work! We had to move and apply in another county.l when the doctor there asked him to stand still he fell to the floor. The doctor shook his head that he had had to look for work for the previous 6 months. They are idiots!

They said same about me said I can walk over 50mts he didn't see me walking wasn't out of breath how did he know it was at home he came in i was behind he got on his laptop the amount of lies he told appantly I can dress and undress I can wash me self cook for me self how the hell does he know what I can and can't do I'm awaiting a appeal now I have stage 4 emphysemia a wedge fracture of my spine good luck put in all medical evidence u can i was rushed into hospital 2 weeks ago breathing difficulties blood pressure 250/117 makes me so mad I wish u luck

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