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Well Have Decided

What I want REALLY Really want for Xmas IS not a spice girl lol 😂

But a portable ultrasound scanner machine that displays images.

That’s what I really really want lol obviously to advance my novice medical training:P

Sure I heard that befour ANYWAY thought would get it in before 12 days till Xmas


Oooo A and like Gina G would say hope you like video of Billy Mack @ Xmas ... Can’t beat him

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Good choices for you.


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Hi Stone Have kept me eye 👁 on them MISSED out on one other week bidding went mad AND would not mind could probably get one for £500.

Anyway live in hope AN asked my dad what my chances was SO he can’t be that dementia Alzheimer’s uped AS won’t repeat what he said my chances where lol.

Xmas is season of miracle’s so you just never know lol

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Check the fine print, most are made in China postage to U.K. £380

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