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Hi recently diognised with copd overlap asthma?

Does this mean I e of thesehave both can’t find much info about this, is it worse than having just one of these conditions?

Got occupational therapist soon difficult to convey how these conditions really affect your life but now need to focus on me and not end up killing myself in work🙏!

Regards to all fellow sufferers👍

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Hi Trajam17. As I understand from what you have written, you have asthma and one of the conditions which come under the title of COPD. This would be either, chronic bronchitis or emphysema.I suggest keeping a diary before you meet with the OT. Write down how your conditions affect the way that you are able to do your daily tasks and requirements at work. It is important that you record how trying to do these things makes you feel / struggle physically and emotionally. In cluding anxiety which they cause you.

Trajam17 in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much what a great idea! I wouldn’t have thought about that.

Really appreciate your advice take care!

Hi all this means is you now have copd as well as asthma. Many of the symptoms are very similar and they often overlap. I was diagnosed with asthma in my 30's and copd in my 50's so have both too. I am only mild though thank goodness. x

Trajam17 in reply to hypercat54

I thought that thanks for advice at least it has a label now!

Take care

Hello Trajam! I think I'm being put in the asthma-COPD overlap camp too. I've been asthmatic since I was born (40 years ago). I was diagnosed a few weeks ago with mild COPD and my asthma has moved from moderate to severe following giving up my moderate smoking habit. Awaiting further spirometry once I'm stable (but I've had so many flare ups up and infections recently that I wonder when that could possibly be).

From what I've read so far, asthma-COPD gives more symptoms than either condition alone but in general, lung function decline is slower than in pure COPD. But it's a relatively new area of study so not THAT much is known really. Treatment is similar except inhaled steroids are given much sooner in asthma.

Anyway, best of luck with the OT. littlepom's idea of a diary is a great one! What line of work are you in?

I was sp Ed and loved it got so many infections from sp Ed as you work so closely with pupils.

Had continuous chest infections and can’t walkfar at all to keep up with them! Feel very sad as if I let them down but have to put health first just can’t guarantee day to day how I’ll be. Only got 8 yrs to retire but didn’t want it to end like this.

Thanks for friendly comments best of luck!

I have both, and have been classed as Severe Asthmatic for about 30 years, though had Asthma all my life. Had steroid injections weekly as a child. Also had bad Eczema, but that has improved. I have continued to have many infections, both ear and chest infections across the years. I started getting worried when I was getting breathless just walking to work, somewhere I had walked with no problems for ages. My Normal Peak Flow reading just got worse, never recovered to its original level. Got more and more chest infections, more breathlessness. Ended back in hospital (avoided this for 5 years, and 8 years before that). I was diagnosed with Severe Asthma with Chronic Lung Obstruction (COPD), and had a peak flow of 250 when I left hospital, and managed to get it back up to 300 with a change in preventor. In 2017 I had three hospital admissions in 2 months, and I ended up with a Peak flow of 180 which would not improve any more, just stuck there. More infections later ended up in Addenbrookes Cambridge for a month with my peak flow stuck at 120, and remained there ever since. Was told I would have to get used to the increased shortness of breath all the time, that it would not improve. Later found out also had Osteoporosis and an Immune Deficiency Disease. It is tricky getting used to the shortness of breath all the time, and the lack of energy which hits you suddenly like a brick wall if you don't learn to pace yourself correctly. Mine is particularly bad because of the combination of things - special case, so they say, so I hope you only have mild obstruction. The spirometry readings should help you as it shows the restrictive readings (would be your Asthma) and the obstructive readings, which in my case is caused by lung scarring from the infections.

Hi, yes I have this too. Look up ACOS Asthma COPD Overlap Syndrome.

I never had Asthma symptoms until I was diagnosed with COPD 15 years ago.

You do need to look after yourself a little better and perhaps have your inhalers reviewed...?

I keep myself as fit and well as I can and that helps a good deal.

Wishing you well.


Thanks for that link. I had not heard of it and often don’t understand what is going on with the overlap. Good wishes.

It is a tricky one and often takes time to find the right inhaler to help. I found the Respiratory nurse who is a physiotherapist to be very helpful and after just looking at my Spirometry result she changed my twice daily inhaler and I have been very much better, so hope you get the same quality of help. Good wishes and yes take good care of yourself.

I have COPD with asthma. The amount of singing and walking I do has improved my FEV1 score from the top end of moderate to the lower end of normal. I use a Seretide inhaler twice a day and Ventolin as needed - but I don't seem to need it as much now, mainly because I avoid triggers that bring on an attack - smoke, high humidity, rushing to do a task, room freshener, exhaust fumes.

Those spray fragrances on timers....the worst things ever!! Ergendl's list of irritants covers most irritants...powder smells have bothered me most of my life!!

You'll figure out what bothers you, and this diagnose seems, fairly common.

Take good care....enjoy the season...


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