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The Real Me. Merry Christmas

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My Son & Daughter with me at My Hubby's Birthday Bash. The Reason I have shared this Pic, is Because I have all the COPD ailments and awaiting Lung Transplant...BUT, Life has to be Enjoyed and some days are Good and some Bad, If you are suffering right now, Find a Lovely Photo and share it. This will immediately Give you a Good day. My Love goes to Carole & Pete (Sassy) at this Moment in time. and a friend of mine, Don in Hospital also. Have a Great Christmas everyone, Breath (as best you can) and Stay Positive. Lots of Love to you All. xxxxxxx

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What a lovely photo.😊 Bernadette xx

What a smashing photograph! I can see straight away where your lovely daughter,gets her good looks. Happy Birthday to your husband and I trust you all enjoyed yourselves!

Wonderful,happy people!!

What a lovely photo, you look very happy and positively glowing ! XXX

Querida Carino,get rid of the silly man with the sack,bin the tinsel and christmassy stuff,there is enough warmth and fun in those smiles to brighten any ones day .add a bit more lippy though and show us your bling lol. :)

Besos Ski's and Scruff's xxx

Yes, yes, yes. Love it and the attitude. Each day, each step, each breath. Precious.


Kate xxxx

You look amazing. Wishing you and your family an amazing Christmas. I do hope that you get your transplant very soon.xx

Lovely photo, you look great! 👍😃

(Take no notice of Skis telling you to take your top off) 😱

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Hacienda in reply to Don-1931

HA HA HA HA, Who does he think I am "Barbara Windsor" Bless her. I do Like you Don. XXXX

Take no notice of Master Po Carino,one man and his dog out of control as they say in the sheep herding community and you are far better looking than Barbara Windsor but i bet you would make a great landlady and the boozer would be full of fun and laughter.

Tutting Ski's with a message to the Master to calm down a bit.xx

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Don-1931 in reply to skischool


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Hacienda in reply to skischool

Ha Ha Carino, Naughty Master Po. Landlady! Been there done that for many Years in Spain. The Blonde Senora de Bar /Restaurante "Carolina" Hasta Pronto y Salud. Love n Hugs to You , Scruffita, Master Po & Midge. Sorry I'm missing Strictly. .....XXXX

Lovely photo, you look so happy!! Merry Christmas to you all, and a very happy and healthy new year!!

Blessed be your positive energy! Healings and stay well. Merry Christmas! 🙋🏼🎄


That's lovely . Enjoy your Christmas too xx

Great photo. Hope you get word soon about a date for your transplant. Merry Christmas to you and your family. 🎄🎄🎄xx

Thank you for sharing Carolina what an inspiration you are 😊 lovely, happy pic sending such a positive message to us all love and hugs Goldie xxx

That was a lovely uplifting message to us all, thank you so much.

Your such a lovely person and it shows, what a very nice photo of you and yours, thank you for sharing. Hope you have some news soon re your transplant, thinking of you. Irene x

What a lovely gesture and idea. Thanks

Beautiful photo x

Well I must say what a lovely photo I had a bit of a melt down last night and dare not take a photo as I look right now but find one I do like good luck with your transplant

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Hacienda in reply to

Go for it Hun, lift your spirits. Hope your feeling Better Today. Love n Hugs xxxx

Good for you. You look so happy. Hope you had a fun evening. Like you say you have to carry on the best you can


Playing about a couple of weeks ago with picture lol

Thank you. Beautiful picture 🐞

Thanks for sharing, you look beautiful, your positive energy shows. Merry Christmas 🎄 breath well.

Such a beautiful picture . Merry Christmas and all the best in 2019 ⛄⛄ x

You look stunning, so chic!! I hope you had a wonderful time!! (Your smile said you

Take good care of you!! Stay well....and happy!!


Hello my dear buddy.

I wanted to reply earlier to this but have been rather occupied with one thing or another. 😑 This is a stunning photo my dear friend , you always give me a boost with your posts. Thank you. 💕 *HUG*

Cas xx 🎀🎄🎀

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Hacienda in reply to Caspiana

Hi My Dear Buddy. I put this comment to you in Reply 12 days ago, not sure if you had seen it ? Love n Hugs my Dear Cas. XXXXX

Hi Buddy Dear friend, I always love to hear from you. Have you added more to your "Belen"? I told my Granddaughter Anabelen about you making your very own Belen, she was super impressed. In Spain at the moment All the Towns & Cities have their Belens in each Town Square, The Children love them, and of Course Visitors are in Awe of the magnificent Displays. Thank you for your Lovely Comment re- my Photo with My Son & Daughter. I Hope you & your Girls are enjoying the Festival Season. My Princess has a lot of Christmas Doggy Presents from Family, she will not eat most of the Treats I'm sure, but she will Adore the New Winter Coats. I think Chom will enjoy the Treats but not so Fussy on the " Attire" Ha Ha. I see my Consultant Next week ( Wednesday) for a Catch up on my recent Assessment at the Transplant Hospital, where as you know I stay on the List. I would love to have a Christmas Surprise as I'm sure you would Dear Buddy. Fingers Crossed for Both of Us. Well my Dear, I think I have said a lot already. I will say Goodnight, tomorrow is another Day, we have to make the most of these Glorious Days. Love n Hugs Sweetie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Caspiana in reply to Hacienda

Hey there Carolina, 😊

I missed this, sorry about that. Re: my Belen, I have been putting away some of the Christmas figurines and two of the houses, and added a bakery!! So, slowly I am turning it into a spring village by adding flowers and gteenery. I am pleased Anabelen was interested in my Belen. 😁😂

I hope your appointment goes well my friend. I am getting but edgy about transplant as I think I am getting quite much closer now. We must keep faith and keep strong. I am also having a hard time as a dear friend is very poorly and there is little I can do to ease his suffering.

Please take good care of yourself.

*BIG HUG* xx 🙋💕 🐕👋

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Hacienda in reply to Caspiana

Hi my Dear Cas, I'm now catching up. Princess not very well, taking her longer to get over this awful Trauma, she has been on my Lap most of the day, she has No appetite, and trying to get her meds in her is a challenge, managed with warm milk and Honey. So you feel your Nearer to getting your Transplant, I do hope so. Since my Meeting with my Consultant who is very Good, she has indicated that we should discuss my time on the list and whether I wish to continue, My Doctor at Trx Hospital is always happy with my Test results and every time I go, they keep me on the List...But, I am getting Older, so I have to consider a Future, maybe only 2 to 5 years? I think waiting for that Call to come is taking it's toll and I am existing not Living. So, we will pre arrange my Oxygen and all my Meds and make a Plan to go and be with my Family in Spain, I have missed them far to long, I Know Now is the time to "Come Off The List" and carry on with my exercises/Gym etc. I will wait until the new year before I contact my Transplant Doctor. Hope you had a Lovely Christmas and now changing your Belen into a Springtime scenario, Wonderful my Dear Cas. Love n big big Hugs. XXXXX

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Caspiana in reply to Hacienda

Carolina? Are you saying you are not going to go through transplant? I understand that you want to see your family, is this short term of long? Could you possibly take a break from the list and then be re-instated? I truly understand the strain of waiting, and feeling like your whole life has become a waiting game. I also know you have thought long and hard. I support whatever decision you make my dearest friend, I just want to make sure, you are sure. *BIG HUG* 😘😘😘

P.S. I'm sorry Princess is poorly. I hope she picks up very soon. xx 💜

I’m not even going to pretend I understand how it feels to be waiting for a transplant. I can only imagine the totally contrasting and contradicting emotions, the hopes and fears. And by the sounds of things, putting everything on hold because you have to be available all day every day for the call. So I’m with Caspiana and agree we’ll be supporting you always. Seeing family sometimes is the most important thing, and times of the year like now remind us how far we are from them. None of us know what tomorrow will bring and to put your life on hold must be so hard. Like you said, existing not living. I too wonder if you can be reinstated on the list in the future. Whatever you decide, I hope you can soon start living again and not just existing 💐💝

I saw the post by the lady whose husband got his call after two days. Which is wonderful for them of course. But it must make it even harder for you to accept having waited for over two years without even one call. 💐🌷🌹🌺🌸🌼🌻

Inspiring photo. Thank you and good wishes.

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