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Having wrote about my struggle to stop smoking ,I am so grateful for the sensible caring response I've had from a wonderful group of people. I have read all of your replies, I don't no if I got round to thank you all there were so many ,I am thanking each one of you now ,I have taken in all of your replies , I keep rereading them ,I have also been on the smoking help site ,I have got myself some patches ,I do feel now I have more incentive to stop ,I will post again to let you no how I've got on ,thank you all once agian

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Thats lovely. Good luck u can do it just takes strength but rome wasnt built in a day be patient x

I managed it after several attempts including a whole year but taking it up when upset about something. Eventually with my partner we took a week, not going out, and after that we were free of smoking. My father in law gave up successfully on zantex from from doctor. Clearly smoking is very enjoyable or it would not be hard to stop but it is great to breathe better and save all that money. Sadly my husband , we married a bit after, has died from pulmonary fibrosis caused by docetaxl taken for prostate cancer, a rare reaction but causing 3 week rapid deterioration in intensive care. I don't want to start smoking again after 22 years although it crosses my grief stricken mind. Don't think I will.

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So sorry to hear what happened to your husband ,thank you for your tip

Well done you have taken the first step. Keep up the good work who knows you could be smoke free for the new year. What a wonderfull present to yourself and your family

Fantastic Alice70

You can ask your Doc for a referral to 'NHS quit smoking clinic', its 3 months worth of free quit aids like patches and sprays and they can tell if you've been smoking. I had such a nice guy it helped me stop because I didn't want to let him down :-)

Whatever works for you, good luck

Good luck hun I'm like u struggling to stop not easy I know but If u have the support of family and friends your do it


If you find it a struggle, speak to your pharmacy they can offer one on one help, less intimidating than GPs.

Stone is right, my doctor was completely uninterested in my desire to quit smoking and was in fact annoyed I’d bothered him with it. I got all the help and support and advice from my pharmacist. I had to pay for the patches but it was worth it, and any financial outlay has been totally offset by the many years of not paying for cigarettes. And the health benefits too of course.

Never give up giving up Alice70 xxx

You can do this Alice70 .. stay focused .. we are all here if you need us .. keep posting rapid .. one of us will get back to you xx

I smoked for 32 yrs and finally stopped when went onto champix tabs from the Dr , these tablets helped take the craving away and worked for me x smoke free 4 and half yrs and counting. just keep trying and trying and don't beat yourself up for blips . You can do it xx

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