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COPD past lung function tests


Hi everyone hope all well has can be

I have found my past results and have been looking and working out and finding out asking questions to the right people about my past spirometry lung test readings that i have for the last 6 years has there are only 2 that say what stage i am so have now marked stage on them has follows but i wont put down the readings on here has takes to long and i get confused with them all ..must be my age lol..

very first results on the 15-1-2013... MODERATE COPD

3-4-2014 it says COPD excluded by spirometry but my gp still thinks i still have mild copd

22-5-15 MILD....... 8-11-16 MILD....18-9-17 MILD..... then last week 29-11-18 VERY MILD.

I have a new nurse now she is great and she went though it all with me has she could see i was getting a bit stressed out with all the figures lol,, so after my first diagnose at the moderate stage 2013 it seems i have kept to the mild stage the last 5 years and pleased with that, mind you i have worked hard at it lots of walking when i can and morning arm exercise also go swimming twice a week and have not smoked BUT.. must admit i do vap because i just could not have give up the smoking without the vapping and my nurse said its much better then smoking, also without a doubt for me the warm weather and keeping active and of course not smoking are the key things in the fight against this copd

I know we are all different with this copd but this is my information about me. Hope you all have a nice Christmas and roll on the spring & summer.

Best wishes


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Very encouraging. Keep up the good work!

That is very good news and hope you stay mild.

That's brilliant music.

My Fev1 has improved significantly in the last 3 years too, although I get out of breathe more easily, weird xx

in reply to casper99

Hi casper99

Good to hear from you has i remember you when i first came on healthunlocked

I know what you mean about breathing has i feel mine is a bit worse and more so in this cold weather.

Good luck if that is what we need at the moment lol

Very best wishes


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