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saline solution

I have C.O.P.D and have read that saline solutions help. Does anyone use it and if so how do you go about it. Anything to stop using steroids.

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Saline solution is not for everyone I.e those with occupational lung disease issues.

I was told by my lung doctor is no good if suffering from cotton lung disease or asbestosis.

Given fluff balls have coughed up I would tend to agree with lung doctor AS material lodged in lungs can become lose and obstruct your airways.

Most people should be assessed by lung doctor before using nebulisers.

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Thanks Jeff

Bit more to this than meets the eye.


Saline and steroids are used for different purposes. Steroids help to reduce inflammation. Saline is used to aid lung clearance. You could ask your GP if s/he thinks 0.9% would be of benefit to you. The stronger sline (hypertonic) is usually hospital directed by a consultant and has to be assessed. Hypertonic is more frequently used in bronchiectasis.

Hope you get sorted.



Thanks Cofdrop an apt name for this site.Iam going doc's on Wednesday and will ask them then.


During a Hospital stay 2 years ago it was discovered that using saline in a nebulizer actually reduced my breathing capacity by 23% and having only 23% remaining lung capacity this was thought to be unwise to say the least!! So Saline does not work for everyone. Get Respiratory nurse to check you out first.

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Thanks hallentine47

c.o.p.d its like a minefield .Will do as you suggest


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