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Scared about my dad


Hi, I’m really, really worried about my dad. I weighed him today and his weight was 5 stone 3 lbs ... I also had to call the doctor on him and she is getting him some help ...bit I’m so scared about his health and the thing is he had never really eaten well, and only eats a small meal a day if I am there and also eating with him ... even then he only eats half of the small portion I give him. I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions of how to ‘fatten’ up his food please. I am extremely concerned and worried xxx

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Personally I would ask your GP to Refer him to the community dieticians. There are a range of products that can be prescribed. Also they will give good advice on how to enrich his meals.

Your dad is fortunate to have you care for him and Ivan understand how worried you are . The less you eat the harder it gets as you just don’t have the energy or appetite . When I weighed only 6 stone my doctor prescribed Ensure compact . They are small pots that are like liquid yoghurt. Easy to drink and digest ,they worked for me . There is a variety of flavours . If you can persuade your dad to give them a try I’m sure he’ll gradually put weight on and feel stronger. I wish you both well 😊

Hi rosebirdsongs12 .

Very understandable to be worried. You did not mention what kind of lung disease your dad suffers from. Does he find it hard to chew due to bring out of breath? As Badbessie has said seeing a dietician would help and drinks like Fresubin similar to what Lizzy suggests can help alot. If at the end of the day he continues to lose weight, they can do something more drastic like an nasogastric tube that carries food and medicine through the nose to the stomach. Hopefully it won't come to that.

Hang in there. I know how tough this is.

Sending warm wishes to you and your dad.

Cas xx 🌿

Good morning and its sad to learn of your Dad's struggle with weight issues. As our other members have advised,I agree that a call to make a doctors appointment,is a must. If Dads diet is so poor, I'm certain the basic tests will be done like blood pressure,temperature, blood tests etc. Try and accompany your Dad so you can raise your concerns. I'm sure things can be made better,but maybe Dad needs a nudge in the right direction. Best wishes.

You need to get him referred to a dietician (speaking as a former care worker). They will be able to assess what your father’s intake is, and what supplements would be most beneficial to him. There are several different kinds including calorie enriched yoghurts/deserts and milk shakes, as well as a tasteless powder which can be added to food or drinks. For those that needed it we often added things like cream to porridge or butter on vegetables and mashed potato to get in some extra calories. If he gets tired chewing, softer foods can help. Homemade soups can be good. Also make sure he has some easy to eat high calorie snacks easily available (get his favourites).

Really good suggestions from windswept,that referral to the community dietician is a must,but they like other Nhs services will be slow to respond.if dad is ok with milk based products then items like Fortisip and foodlink complete,which contain useful calories and nutrients can be purchased on the internet whilst you wait for the Nhs to get it's act together and will help dad in the short term.

best wishes Ski's and scruffs x

Another suggestion is to reduce the amount you put on his plate. Give what you know he will eat rather that what you would like him to eat. If you present someone who has a problem with appetite with too much food it will often put them off. You can always keep a little in reserve in case he thinks he can manage more, or have a calorie rich pudding for afterwards.

Tempt him with his favourite foods. If he has gone off his old favourites, find out which flavours he prefers now, and look for types of food that have those sorts of flavours.

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