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Breathing & coughing


Hello All,

I had my neck op in the spring and all went ok-you may remember i had post op breathing probs but was starting an infection before my neck operation.

I haven’t been right ever since! We took a late holiday to Crete and i felt brilliant especially on return but after coming back to Thames Valley i have more & more flare ups and the coughing is truly awful. Been on antibiotics and steroids and its easier but by no means cleared up.

Does anyone use nebulisers? I was wondering if it would help me?

Im still walking grand pugs and swimming weekly and dancing.

Im worried I’m moving from mod to severe but GP doesn’t give me results although my nurse used to.

I haven’t seen a chest consultant since diagnosis maybe 10 yrs ago and no New scans or anything like that. I was told i had ‘dots’ or nodules in lungs but after a two year keeping an eye that was dropped to. Presumably they weren’t growing much to cause concern.

Any thoughts?

Im just not getting back to where I was before the operation and sadly wondering if I will?!

Janzo x

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Hi I think you will be just fine, try to do a little exercise and take it easy. You will never be fully fit, but you aren't done yet. As long as you take things at a steady pace, and good healthy eating you will see an improvement. Keep us up to date on how you are doing. Have a lovely weekend and take care

😊 Bernadette xx

Janzo54 in reply to Damon1864

Thanks Damon,

I guess i tend to run at life even when im not well!!

Lots of life in me yet!!

Enjoy your weekend too.

Try not to worry Janzo but try and see your GP and explain how you’re feeling. You can mention a nebuliser then if you want to. Pete uses one twice a day.

Stay active and take care xxxx

Janzo54 in reply to sassy59

Good advice! Will do thanks xx

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