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Been told that i have something called DIP

Been told i have this in 2009 as well as Copd and that with in 5 years ill have a gas tank if i don't stop smoking well this happened to me ( see picture ) as well as blacking out every time i coughed in 2014 and no one could tell me What was going on with me and dint get anywhere got fobbed of so its only the past 2 months that I've started going back to the Drs but this time a different one and have been referred to martin wing LEEDS LGI again but strongly feel that once agin the specialist will fob me of with a load of pain full tests just to say i meed to stop smoking which I'm trying my damnedest to stop What can i do I'm upset i feel depressed every day I've to see the RA specialist as well, plus i have PTS Need help badly I've had PE's as well as DVT's plus I've the DWP on my case feel like I'm barley hanging on sorry if sounds like I'm moaning just don't know what to do

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Hello Thomsk

The only thing I can think of help you is to concentrate on your delightful son. I assume that is him peeping over your shoulder? You know you need to make some very difficult choices. And I think possibly the majority of members here have been smokers and they all know how horrendously addictive that is and will be very supportive. But please, please try. For his sake if not for your own.

All the best



Maybe a first step would be to phone BLF stop smoking line. They are supposed to be very good. What is happening to you appears to be exactly what you were told in 2009. You are not being fobbed off. The doctors cannot fix something that you are continuing to do to yourself. I’m sorry to sound harsh and usually I do not get involved in these discissions. However, having spent a long time watching the struggles of people on this site who once they are diagnosed have done everything they can to help themselves, I think that maybe it is time that you get proactive and stop blaming the medical profession.


Firstly thanks for the reply and it wasnt harsh pal ya right I am part of a nonsmoking group ive been on these champex things which were helping but ive had to stop taking them because they making feel depressed iam trying everything I'm even in touch with a DR peter Gidion whos helpped alot but thank you sir for your reply


I'm a female of the species and I do feel for you because the daily struggle for all of us can be very depressing. As I am writing to you I am waiting between tests for a new nebulised antibiotic. Boring and tedious.


Hello Thomsk,

You feel fobbed off by doctors? They didn't hand out pills that cured you or explain fully what was wrong? I can understand that because unfortunately with most lung diseases there isn't a quick fix cure. In fact any damaged parts of our lungs cannot be cured.

This does not mean we are about to die. What it does mean is we have to do our best to prevent any worsening of the damage.

Doctors can prescribe inhalers. antibiotics etc to help but not cure lung disease.

However we can help ourselves.

Read through the posts on here, or look on The British Lung Foundation website and you will see what I mean.

On here we encourage each other, we pass on tips but like the doctors we cannot cure you. There is no fairy godmother with a magic wand. Sorry but we need to put a lot of work in ourselves.

It's not easy but it is worthwhile.

Giving up smoking, eating healthy food, staying away from friends and family when they have colds, exercising when we would rather not. Wrapping up in the winter, taking our pills, puffing on our inhalers...

All this could be a drag if we let it but we make the effort and have a good life because of it.

Please don't think you are being fobbed off, despite it feeling like that, your doctor is actually doing the best they can.

Good luck xx

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Cheers wheezyof a know wat ya saying a know i carnt be fixed heres a letter igot a few year ago


Hi mate. I feel for you but the ciggies need to go. I just quit a few months ago cold turkey after 40 years. The way I did it was I learned to HATE the things first. I told myself how controlled I was by them. And how Ill they made me. And how some big company was making a profit from my making myself Ill with them. It's pretty much the same as a drug user and his dealer. So learn to hate them and you'll find quitting so much easier. First three days are the worst. Then after that your nicotine cravings are finished, then it's habit cravings for another 6 weeks. Then your over it. During that time you'll see your breathing improve your oxygen levels improve and you'll not get breathless as easy. Take my advice and start to hate them. It really helps. I know it's not easy when your stressing. But I suffer with panic attacks but felt so much calmer because I wasn't speeding up my system every half an hour with the nicotine. Good luck. And remember. Crave all you want but as long as you refuse to put a cigarette in your mouth then you win.


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