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MALE Cheat When It Comes To Pelvic Floor Exercises


Wile going though trauma of having lung disease and looking after perant with dementia Alzheimer’s I come up with a pelvic floor excersise cheat for males.

Just like gamers come up with game cheats WHY could not i when it come to Pelvic Floor Exercises.

So with touch physics BOOM 💥 I did it.

Ant that usaly way ladies girls.

With my invention urethrae muscle contracts simultaneously with the pelvic floor ‘thus excersised my pelvic floor muscle.

That’s not bad as not a biolagest or doctor

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Interesting. What. You on. How are. You nJeff How's. Life. I was 53 today well yesterday the 13 th. Did I tell you I got on lung waiting list. Doing my best to stay healthy Fitness But. Very breathless. Now. And. Know. That really. It's all about keeping head strong. Give up. there. And. Your done for so doing all I can. Routine. And self disapline plenty. Of very fresh. Good food and water. Healthy. Drinks. Staying well hydrated very important. So what if. I have pee in a bottle sometimes. It's not good but. Lucky. I only have bad lungs. Man I got out of hospice yesterday. Mate. All always people. So much worse of. Makes relize. Ok it's bad. But. For others. Man. Life seems so unfair but t is. Down. To. Like lottery. Or luck. Well bless you. Take care. And. Alaways message me. About. Any think. BW. Paul.

Happy birthday 🎂 I hope you had a nice day 🎈

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Hi Tricity wish I could say don’t know how you feel but been breathless myself even thought was going to have heart attack.

Hope you had good birthday 🎂 as to peeing in bottle would say same as b4 but have been there done that even with out bottle AND that’s not recommended lol.

Glad your eating drinking well don’t know how I feel about transplant list my lung doc ruled me out in first year of lung trouble SO I have nout nice to say about any of them these days EVEN have hospital phobia.

Anyway is nice to hear from you n reply ;)

Tricity125 in reply to Hidden

It took me. Quite some time. To find. The right. GP s. 3 different. Hospital. 3 consulates I was first. Talking about TX. In 2010. So I did not help myself as. I was on methadone. And they made it clear i had to be completely. Clear. So. Only took me. 35 yrs. but. Nearly killed me. In June type 2 Respiratory failure. Coming off has sent my. Lungs. Into. A right. 2 & 8. Well. I. live in hope now. It could be today. Or. A year. Away. Maybe. It's written in my stars. So I can only do my best and. See. Pray. And. Dream. About. Getting my life back and. Being able again. Never say. Never. Dr s. Can. Be. A curse sometimes it's better to. Listen to ones self. And. To. Be. Very persistent. Take care. Paul

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