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IPF Cough relief


Hi there

My grandfather has been diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. At the moment his cough is bothersome and can come on in fits. He has been left worried about going to public events as a result.

I wonder if anyone has come across something to keep the cough at bay, or relieve the symptoms a little? His consultant has said there is nothing that can be done, but hopefully someone has come across something!

Thanks in advance.


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Sorry to hear about your grandfather. People can find relief using different types of lollies: like fisherman’s friend under tongue. It is a matter of trial and error to find what helps him. Paracetamol may also help as it numbs the tickling sensation. If he has postnassal drip it will also lead to cough and he should speak to his doctor for strategies to eliminate that. Best wishes to the both of you xx

KEVINMCDADE in reply to jenss

Thank you for your response. Will try these tips!

I have the same type of cough been prescribed codeine linctus 15mg/5ml three times a day but only use it when I need it. Does work for me before bedtime and odd times during the day.

KEVINMCDADE in reply to Normanr

Thanks, we're looking into this one too.

Hi Kevin,

Sorry to hear about your granddad, I know exactly how he feels. I was diagnosed with IPF six years ago, the cough has caused me too many problems, apart from leaving me exhausted I get left with a bad headache, and like your granddad the GP and consultants can't do anymore, have tried all sort of inhalers with no results. At the moment I'm taking 5ml of liquid morphine three times a day, also I take paracetamol and fisherman's friend sweets, it helps a little, I haven't had a bad attack for two weeks. Maybe something like that will help your granddad.

Good luck and best wishes,


God bless Fisherman's friends, I order them by the dozen from Amazon. Also sugar free menthol chewing gum (ordered by the dozen from Amazon) is a quick fix for a coughing fit. Also small quantities of liquid morphine, I was assured that taking it in small (2.5ml) quantities is not addictive. Try some of them or even better all of them (not at the same time!) A codine plus a paracetamol over night helps overnight coughing. All the best and much sympathy

I resort to small doses of oramorph especially at bedtime if my cough has started and it always works and guarantees a night's sleep. Also I find my oxygen helps to suppress my cough and so I'll use it even if I'm just sitting watching TV. Hope you can find something that works. Kevin

Get Oramorph from the doctor. It helps suppress the urge to cough and helps relax the airways. As Kevin stated I often take it when everything else has failed. Another remedy that I found useful was frozen grapes, don't know why but when coughing if I pop a frozen grapes in my mouth and suck the urge to cough declines, anything is worth a try.

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