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Medical Record’s POSTURE & Half Medical Truths


Well been going through my medical records from 2008 and come across spine ct scan following injury.

My current bone 🍖 doctor thinks my bone numb hand issues are result of poor posture.

Here is what my results are.

From T 1 to S1 there is dehydration and some loss of hight of the disk UNEVEN endplates with schmorl nodes are noted from T 10 to L3

From my understanding that’s osteoporosis and chronic inflammation.

At L5 S1 there is SEVERE loss of hight and LARGE left paracentral disk hernia compressing S1 nerve root.

So question is how much is down to medical issues was unaware of AND how much is really down to posture.

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You seem to be finding lots of things in your medical records that you haven't been told about and which haven't been explained to you. Bad posture does have an effect on breathing and circulation but so do back problems, I don't know the nature of your injuries that led to you having the CT scan and I don't understand the results but that likely could have an effect on your hands.

Can you request an appointment with your doctor to explain these things to you, not just this spine problem but all the other things in your records that you hadn't been told about. If it explains the knock on effect causing you other issues that would be helpful, even if you can't do anything about it at least you would understand what's going on with you. I don't know why so much information has been withheld from you. Has your bone doctor seen these CT scan results?

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Hi hungryhuff my l5 S1 I was aware of but other stuff was not.

I was apost to have back operation but with being strung out on co codamol it all got to much for strung out meatball and never happened.

As to other things sounds like the might of had to fuse my lower back BUT you are right am going to see multi skeleton doc esp as the have been trying to reabilatate my back.

Is tad annoying how made out was poor posture and tad nurotic

Gosh that sounds really hectic. You certainly need more investigations.

I had 2 fractured discs after a bad fall when I was 65 and then 7 years after I had a headache for 400 plus days with no relief plus nerve inpingement with numbness in my arm so I can relate.

But that is easily identified and I maybe you need to see a neurologist. If you have a Pain Clinic near you that might be an option as they are brilliant with investigating chronic conditions and complicated problems after spinal injury. I had injections with them and other therapies, like acupuncture etc., but it all worked together and I was back to normal in a matter of months, despite my age.

Best wishes and keep asking questions.

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Hi Whitechinchillia

Sounds like you had horrendus time off it too.

My issues when injured scan was done was in mid 30’s really seem’s un usual to suffer from half my stuff at such young age really.

Not sure pain clinic could do much really as not in pain it’s stiffness and numbness but my hips have started playing up.

My bone doctor said I have remarkable abnormal reflexes BUT agree with you about more test investigations needed

Whitechinchilla in reply to Hidden

Sorry but I think I slightly misunderstood you.

However, the Pain Colin treat numbness which usually stems from nerve damage or pinching.

I never thought they would be able to help me. So I learned to grab any opportunity I could for help. Lucky for me they worked.

Persevere and you WILL find help somewhere, just don’t ever give up.

Every problem has a solution.

Good wishes.

Basically Jeff the neurological pathways branch at different points along the spine. I am not an expert in anyway. If there is damage to the spine then depending on where the damage is the nerves relating to that branch or are contained within that area can cause problems. For example your numb area. The question here is your posture causing problems with your spine....or is spinal damage causing your poor posture? I think you need to speak with your Doctor.

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Hi Bedessie was looking at my T10 issues and if it’s thats causing my shoulder pain well it’s behind shoulder.

Defo makes you think about what As been said to me by doctors and what As not.

Do agree corse of action would be talking to bone doctor

That doesn’t sound right JAS and needs proper investigation and treatment. You’ve not had a proper explanation either.

Pete has osteoporosis in his back and hips and chronic back problems in the lower back. He’s had treatment which hasn’t worked so now it’s just pain management.

I wish you well. Xxxxx

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Hi sassy I could not do Lung rehab as my hips played up .. I thought it was vain but given what you have said about Pete and osteoporosis think I might have same issues really.

When my back first went was talk of operations and fusing but with all co codamol I was not on this planet lol

sassy59 in reply to Hidden

Lol. Xxx

Hi Jeff, interesting question. Would think it is a bit of both. Reasoning pain results in tense muscles and poor posture as does faults in your bone structure including past injury faults.

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Hi Katie generally I don’t get up as much anymore it’s more rolling onto my feet and using arms to pull me up.

Is pits really .... but think your right about posture and mix of both but how do you fix it with out making things worse.

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Hi Jeff , maybe some physio guidance might help, most of us with pain are guilty of poor posture. Can't change the habits of a lifetime but might help.The NHS site has some exercise leaflets for varied joints ect. I struggle to get out of bed especially when my chest is worse as that worsens the foot pain. Downstairs I use the garden kneeler to go down & up. Getting out of armchair is the worst even them electric chairs do not work that well. Don't worry if you have to do it different as long as it works for you.

I would like to recommend Katy Bowman's work to you. She is a Biomechanist. Her website is Nutritious

You will find blogs and podcasts for free there or you can buy her books....

Alignment Matters, Move your DNA, Wholebody Barefoot, Movement Matters, etc, you get the picture. You will have to read a lot to get your answer. It's incredible work and something everyone should get to know. There are many solutions there to many issues and difficulties. I hope you enjoy her work, I have.

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Hi lizzab thanks for reply n glad books helped you with your issues BUT I don’t think minds in right place to read a book of watch none entertainment video.

Will have quick look even eyeball video SEE if the is any quick fixes tho

Lizzab in reply to Hidden

I understand. If you feel like it one day, here is a link to just one of her podcasts. I haven't listened to it but it might be a good start. There is a transcript of the podcast here too.

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