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Fev. How. ? Can it be. Increased. Is it poss


Mine. Score. Shocked me. And. Last. 3. Months. I only left. home 2. Twice to go. Harefield. Getting on the. TX list. Was. Thogh. I had to. Wean of. 60 ml of methodone. But somhow survived. My breathing. Since stoping. As. Been so much harder. It was the only way to get on list. I had type 2. Respiry failure and spent. 7. Weeks in hos and hospice. But. Recovered and completely off. Now. For 2 half months. It was. 8 yrs in the making Bart s. 1 st. Talked to me about TX 2010. So. To any. Opiate. Empysema. Sufferers. It can be done. I was on. Meth. &. Heroin 35 yrs. sadly. Qiting smoking 10 yrs ago. That. Was. Candy and cream. To. What I endured. But. Well well worth it. Now there's. Hope light. Never say. Never.

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You’ve fought long and hard Tricity and deserve any good things that come your way. Well done and take care. Xxxxx

Well done you should be proud of your self take care


Wow! You’ve made it through a lot. I drank a lot, smoked cigs, weed, hash, did some drugs....not heroin. I was on my way to nothing good. Then I met my wife in my 20’s and she straightened me up within two yrs. I’m sure she wanted to slam me a time or two..or three. She’s stood by me 33+ yrs. it was interesting that I quit all my vices in my late 20’s had a family. Got college and a career then at 47 ten yrs ago I find out I have aatd ZZ. Oh well...

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