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Bipap Leakage


Hi everyone

I have had a bipap machine now for about 7 weeks. Just had my 6 week checkup and the lovely nurse was very pleased with the improvement to my blood gases and oxygen levels, up from 90 to 96. I was given a different mask to try which is much more comfortable but i keep getting a small amount of leaking once i lie down. Will this matter very much as I really don't want to go back to using the other mask. I have Emphysema and Bronchiectasis. Many thanks


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Hi Rose,

If it's only a small amount I wouldn't worry to much, are you running mask fit when you first put the mask on? It's quite common to get small leaks when you lie down, try slightly adjusting the straps when you are lie down, but don't over tighten them because weirdly that can make leak worse.

If you are still worried, contact your sleep lab, they can look at your data readings which are transmitted to then from your BiPAP machines SD card. I was getting mask leak message on my machine, but when my Physio checked the readings she assured me they were fine.

I hope have been of some help to you.


rsmrsnl in reply to Ian1967

Thanks Ian, feel reassured now. Will try the mask fit tonight as unaware there was such a thing.


Nurse told me that they allow for a little bit of leakage. My problem is from about 5am my mouth is so dry and round the outside of my mouth gungy and sticky and feel as though choking have to have dips of water which I can't have to much as on a strong water tablets which can cause a problem

rsmrsnl in reply to Spacecat1

Thanks Lizz. I tried sleeping on my back last night, felt very strange but no leak so looks like that might be the way to go. I sympathise about he dry mouth, i get that sometimes and it's not very pleasant.


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