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We got a home visit...


Some good news on pip home visit. We have been granted a home visit. I would like to thank you all for your support and advise.. ♥ 😊

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That's great news monju! Very pleased for you and good for you in hanging in there. 👍

monju in reply to peege

Thank you it was your support that pushed me.

I hope it goes well monju . Take care. xx 🙋

monju in reply to Caspiana

No thank you for your support.. ☺️

Well done, I recently had a PIP home visit even though I had not asked for one. My son was with me and he didn't feel it went well for me, (still awaiting a decision). The "Healthcare professional" asked loads of questions even though I had sent a large file with Drs and specialists letters and reports. She even got up and went into the kitchen to check my medications without being asked to. She was very abrasive. On DLA I was awarded it for an indefinite period but that no longer applies with PIP. I'm not trying to worry you, please don't, just be aware and be careful how you answer questions.

Hi Funckybiker will take aboard your comments and be aware. Thank you.

Hope goes well. I had home visit the lady was really helpful and kind. Just make sure you let them know all the medication you are on I made a list and what I took them for. With my breathing and having people asking me questions I did get a bit flustered but she was helpful but she forgot to write down that I was on oxygen and have to wear a mask in bed for my 02 levels. Gave it a few days and explained what had been forgotten they rung hospital to confirm and we knew a week later if we had pip make sure you have all paperwork from the hospital as proof take your time answering the questions they can be crafty but mine was nice she noticed my breathing not good because I was getting worried. Try and have relative their or close friend it does help to calm you.

monju in reply to Spacecat1

Hi lizzric, hope you're well thank you.

Spacecat1 in reply to monju

Your welcome. Hope visit comes soon they may ring you to book a time or send s letter. Let us know how you get on take care.stay warm.x

They are there to take money off of you not give you it after all ther are the HATEFUL TORY Party

Hi Volvo1951, I have heard this is the case, not much you can do but manage with what you are given. Thanks for your advise.

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