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If you remember I had to "Blow Blow & Blow. for my Spirometery Lung Function on the 15th October. Thought my Head was going to explode, it left me very SOB & Generally not feeling too Good for the following week. After I had My 4 valves for Lung Reduction in June and not long after I had a "Normal" Lung Test, I told you it had Increased my FEV1 to 32% from the previous FEV1 30%,an increase of 2% which I was very Pleased with. I am now FEV1 26% which is quite Loss of Volume. Onwards & Upwards, Must work harder with Exercise, we at Breathe Easy are now having 2 Classes a week and I go to the Gym on a Wednesday, Must do more at Home on my Bike...may even Buy a Treadmill. I could try and get back into P. Rehab. Love n Hugs to you all. xxxx

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As you say Carolina, onwards and upwards. The next blow, blow, will be better, you can do 😘💖

Hacienda in reply to sassy59

Thanks Carole, Bit of encouragement from you will make it feel Better. Love n Hugs. XXX

sassy59 in reply to Hacienda

Take care dear Carolina. Xx 💋😘💖👻

I have an indoor exercise bike, great wen it's too cold do be outside, I put mine on hill mode when I want to really go some.

Hacienda in reply to Shancock

Thank you Hun, I do enjoy the TreadMill at The Gym, more so than my Exc. Bike in my Hall way. I try and increase my levels each week & increase my Time. Only to suit me though.. Love n Hugs. xxxx

Please don’t be disappointed with yourself, Carolina, seems to me that you are giving it all you’ve got. So ease off, life is about more than beating machines. I’ve had Spirometry done at various centres and there is considerable difference. More important is how you feel.

Be gentle with yourself.

It is time for a cup of tea. ☕️ and even —- dare I suggest it? —- cake 🍰?

Love and hugs

Kate xxxx 💕

Hacienda in reply to Katinka46

Thank You Kate , as always, a Positive girl, with the right attitude, Yes, Cake ...Then try and work it off. Ha Ha. love n Hugs Back atya. xxxxx

Cake is an absolute must 🍰 I have a whole theory about how chocolate counts as at least one of your 5 a day. I’m still working on the cake theory but as I read somewhere, a balanced diet is a cake in each hand.

Take care 💐🌸🌼🌺💃

🎂🍰🍪🍩🍰🍰🍸🍻🍷🍺Oh Dear got carried away Huff.😂😂😂😂Goodnight Hun. Xxx

Try carrot cake, or date and walnut loaf, or Dundee fruit cake - all excellent creations with something towards the 5 a day.

Hacienda in reply to Ergendl

Ha Ha, I do like a bit of cake, now and again. I have been Nominated to Bake a cake & Mince Pies for our Christmas Family Dinner, All Diners are contributing, Mother in Law's instructions, She who has to be Obeyed. XXXX

Ergendl in reply to Hacienda

Mince pies? Excellent - all that dried fruit and apple. Shame about the pastry, but you can't win 'em all.

Hacienda in reply to Ergendl

Big dash of Medicinal Brandy in the Fruit, you can throw the Pastry out to the Birds. xxxx

I like carrot cake but I've never aquired the taste for fruit cake like Christmas pudding or Christmas cake. They always look nice though 🎄

Love Christmas Cake with a Slice of Cheddar, The Yorkshire way. Yum Yum. xxx

I have never heard of that combination. But I love a slice (or several) of cheddar with everything so wouldn’t be averse to giving that a try. Since starting my diet I’m trying to not have cheese with everything, on everything, in everything. It’s not easy!

Carino,FEV1 is just a small part of a bigger equation and it may be that although that figure has lowered the remainder of your lungs are more effectively exchanging gases after the valve insertions,continue with your healthy regime but don't over do it as those other figures may well have increased after the insertion of your bling and you could well be in a better state of Lung health than you imagine.

Love Ski's and Scruffs.....besitos xx

Hacienda in reply to skischool

Hola Carino Mio, I am so Pleased that you have explained it Better than Amy. You Shall be my Consultant from now on. Kneel Sir Skis. My Hero. Besos, y mas Besos. y Suave besitos por la chica Scruffita. XXXX

You certainly have a very PMA which is worth its weight in gold. Continue your exercises and life style plans and like our friend @skischool says, figures are just that and its how your quality of life is that really matters. (Apologies I cannot delete another members name at the very bottom of my post).

Wishing you well.


Thank you for your Lovely Valid Words Hun. I do try and make light of situations & Try my utmost to stay Positive. Take care. Love n Hugs. xxxxx

Hi hacienda at the spinning class they play music so loud I image I am in a night club and iam dancing instead of peddling the 30 mins go so fast. My favourite song is wake me up by Avicii. Get your Lippy on and get on your bike girl. Take care xxx

Ha Ha, Thanks Christine, I love "Wake Me Up" by George Micheal" bit slow though for peddling. Dancing was my Life Ole Ole , Lippy always on, couldn't be without it...Thanks for cheering me up Hun. Love n Hugs XXX

No not that one it’s by avicii suss it out I bet you’ll love it Take care xxxx

*Hugs* Carolina. The important thing is we keep going and never stop going. Good on you trying so hard with your Breathe Easy group and gym. I have a treadmill. It's easier than walking outside in the elements. A day at a time my buddy. xx 🍁🎃🍁

Hacienda in reply to Caspiana

Good Evening My Dear Cas. Yes, we have to keep our spirits up & stay positive. Even though my Lung Capacity has Dropped, i will endevour to keep as fit as I can. Hope your doing Well Buddy.Has Chom has Recovered from his paw injury, I do hope so. Another Day I will tell you of my Charlie whom I had with me for 15 years, my little cross Pekinese. Well my Dear Buddy, I will bid you Goodnight, Sweet Dreams Sweetie.

Love n Hugs. Xxx🐕🐶🌷🌷🌷

Caspiana in reply to Hacienda

Sometimes those tests depend a lot on our condition on that particular day Carolina. 😀 Can't wait to hear about Charlie. Have a lovely sleep. xx 🙋🐕💕


You are a fighter for sure. All that exercise can only benefit.

Buena Suerte Cariño xx💕😘

2greys in reply to Hidden

I agree, exercise can only do you good. Forget about the numbers, it is about how you feel. Despite my fev1 taking a tumble I am still doing everything the same, if anything, I am in more control of my breathing.

Hacienda in reply to 2greys

Good Morning 2gs, Thank You. I hope you are managing emotionally, Time is a Healer. I have my Charlie's Ashes here with me, I bid him Loving words most days. So, you too have had a lower FEV1, Yes I do feel better, now I know my Results, and can get on with staying strong if not Stronger. I am off to my Gym this Morning, I will take it steady. Love n Hugs Hun. XXX

Hacienda in reply to Hidden

Buen Dia Carino, Thank you for your Kindness and always being there for us all. Hope your Mama has settled and of course your self. Big Hugs , Abrazos y Besos, Siempre. xxx

Well done to you Hacienda for keeping positive and keeping up the exercise, but like we all say dont overdo things. Skischool is right about the body exchanging gases etc, sounds like you are feeling good an breathing better, long may it continue. Take care hon x

Hacienda in reply to Izb1

Good Morning Hun, Thank you, I will keep an eye on my Exercises. Yes, Skis always says the right thing, as you all Do, Keeps me Positive. As soon as I get my Call and all goes well, I am going to put my Name forward to a half marathon......Of Wine, Chocolate, Cake, Ha Ha . Love n Hugs. xxxx

Sorry to hear the drop in Fev1, perhaps you have over done things too quickly. Please take care and do things at a pace that allows recuperation. Be gentle with yourself. Hugs xx. Maggie

Thank you Maggie, Yes, Good advice from you & everyone. Much Love. XXXX

Treadmills are brilliant easy to use and can hold up to put away

I use it and got hubby using it to. I'm slowly catching up with him. And well done with tests. Sure the figures will go back up soon. This cold spell not helping. Take care.x

Hacienda in reply to Spacecat1

Thank You Liz, Yes, I'm feeling better already, I'm sure they will go back up, fingers crossed. Love n Hugs xxxx

Any good news is great isn't it? It depresses me for weeks if they say anything has deteriorated! I find that my Lung function tests are also affected by who is taking the test! The time before last,it was a young man who kept having to repeat it till I had a panic attack and he had to get me a glass of water.I was told by the Consultant that my Lung Function had dipped,this really upset me for months.This last time,it was a lovely lady who made me feel incredibly calm,she only did it once and I was told by the Consultant that I was stable. I hope that I get her every time! Sheila

Hacienda in reply to Aingeful

Thanks Sheila, That is Great News for you, I also think it was the young Man, Second time with Him, only doing his Job though. when I had the Girl she put me at ease and told me what my % was. Onwards & Upwards now my Friend. Love n Hugs xxxx

You will get there, all that exercise will pay off x x

Hacienda in reply to Shirleyj

Thank You Shirley, I hope it will. XXX

Congratulations Hacienda! Way to go! Keep moving with the right exercise, you’ll feel better and breath better! 🙋🏼🌹 Along with the universe, the body needs to move..!

Hacienda in reply to Angel1049

Amen to that Angel. Love n Hugs xxxxx

Hi Hacienda. Keep going and never give up. You are doing all the right things. Take it easy on yourself though. Very best wishes

Hi again. Reading through the comments I feel 2greys makes a very valid point. Yes the numbers are important but concentrate on how you feel. That’s a much better guide for you. I’ve just learned to “pace” myself with excercise and household stuff and it really helps, makes one feel more in control. Good wishes

I have found with COPD and asthma that you can't judge one day by the previous day so the good & not so good will come & go. More than anything I find I have days with more get up & go than others.

Don't give up or get down but keep positive thinking & go forward.

Hi Gommerh, Thank You, Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing. I am Normally a Positive person, and I appreciate all the Great Vibes from everyone. have a Good day Hun. xxxx

I follow your posts, Carolina, and you’re doing so well with your treatment and exercise. Don’t let a few numbers lower your positive approach to life.....that’s worth its weight in GOLD. Keep at it, it’s working well and you’re feeling so much better after your op. These measures can only be a momentary snap shot.....likely better next time. Keep on keeping us happy 🌟💕

Big hug, Penny 😘

Hacienda in reply to Yatzy

Penny, Thank you for your Lovely Inspiring Comments, We all keep each other Lifted and you my Friend are a Gold Hand shake. Thank You. Love n Hugs.PS Just Back from My Thursday Class. XXXX

Yatzy in reply to Hacienda

Wish the gold handshake was from Paul Hollywood for special baking 😂🤣

Hope your Thursday class helped. I’m just doing my Thursday babysitting....carrying a one year old granddaughter up n down stairs is my exercise for today! She’s having her nap now, so got my feet up....maybe time for you to do the same?? 😴 😴 Enjoy your afternoon after your healthy exertions xxx

Hacienda in reply to Yatzy

Thanks Penny, Just off for my Siesta with Princess. Enjoy all your time with your Gorgeous Granddaughter. I am due a new 2nd Great Granddaughter in Feb, a Little Senorita. xxxxx

My fev1 reading has varied by 8%!over the past couple of weeks. I’m testing every other day before and after inhaled meds for a reason but it just shows how much it varies each day. Cx

Hacienda in reply to Chriskho

Morning Hun, How do you test every other day?, I do my sats every Day in the morning, for my Oxygen level, Body Temp & BP, can't test my FEV1 at home, wish I could. varied by 8% ? I am at My Transplant Hospital ( B'ham) on Tuesday, they don't do my Spirometry ,only my Lung Consultant can arrange it at my Local Hospital (Nottingham). Sending Love n Hugs Chris. xxxx

Chriskho in reply to Hacienda

Hi yes it can go up and down at times for no apparent reason ( just as your bp numbers can).It may vary at different times of day I. E. before / after inhalers / time between inhalers so I’m checking it before my first inhaler then 3 hours after. I have a hand held spirometry reader vitalograph COPD 6 the same as my COPD nurse uses. I check its accuracy with the one we use at work in the hospital. Basically I’m trying to see whether a reduced use of steroid inhaler has any real effect on my Fev1 . So I can discuss this with my resp guy. Not too keen on inhaling steroids for the rest of my natural if I don’t need to. Good luck for Tuesday keep well. Chris x

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