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Pneumonia/chest infection?


I’ve seen two doctors over the last two weeks, the first one diagnosed pneumonia and gave me antibiotics, steroids and inhaler. A week later a second doctor said the only way to diagnose pneumonia is with X-ray, which I haven’t had. He talked about the semantics of pneumonia and lower respiratory tract infection amounting to the same thing really, so I’m not sure which I’ve had.He prescribed a different antibiotic. Although I’m generally not feeling too bad, and I’m managing to get some sleep, the cough and phlegm is really starting to get me down. The phlegm starts greenish first cough of the day, then changes to white.

I’m doing steam inhalations, drinking honey and lemon and doing active breathing exercises. I’d be grateful for any further advice on ways I can clear my lungs of this wretched stuff. Thanks.

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Try a mucus cough expectorant which contains gauifenesin as that helps thin the mucus to cough it up, and drink water like crazy. Also warm water and camomile tea. Steam is fantastic old fashioned way that really helps.

If your no better with these abs ask for an X-ray as that will confirm if there's any infection of fluid in the lungs.

Tessybear in reply to Shancock

Thanks for the advice. I’ll try to find something with that ingredient.

Shancock in reply to Tessybear

Benylin mucus cough syrup is a good one.

Dragonmum in reply to Shancock

Amen to the water, it thins mucus making it easier to heave up - I drink 3 to 4 pints a day plus all the tea and coffee.

Hi Tessybear. I can totally relate to your problem as the Head of our surgery once told me, that, “ you could see 6 doctors and get 6 different diagnosis. “

When you are suffering that doesn’t help does it. Just makes for more anxiety.

Have you asked for MUCODYNE tablets? They are designed to thin the mucus making it much easier to cough up. No it won’t clear it but you might get some small relief when you don’t have to cough so violently. They do work so definitely worth a try.

Hope you improve soon and look after yourself meantime and always.

Good wishes

Thank you . I’ll look into that.

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