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I am out raged that from 2019, Hospitals here in Nottingham are going to CHARGE for parking for everyone with a Blue Badge. It was in my Local Paper "The Post". What are they thinking. I use my Wheel chair for all Hospital Appointments and most times Hubby has to drop me off and find a Disabled space. I just Hope Our Local Council can fight for our Rights. Any Thoughts Dear Friends. xxxx

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our local hospital and town center car parks started charging quite a while ago. we can park away from the town center for free, but i can't walk that far , so in effect my blue badge is not a lot of use in Darlington

Our hospitals have been charging blue badge folk forever. But in council owned car parks in Huddersfield and local towns blue badge are free.

Campaign please.

Kate xxx

Our hospital charged everyone to park Carolina, including those with a blue badge. The disabled parking has since been changed and is free at the moment. The problem now being that people with appointments cannot park because anyone can use the spaces.

The hospital is near to town so is being misused. We now have to re-think our journey to hospital.

I hope your hospital does what’s best for patients and visitors alike. Xxxxxx

Well I can understand your rage due to the change but here we have never had free blue badge parking at hospitals or car parks. Even the bays are getting smaller and it's difficult to get in and out of the car. The striped pathway between cars has disappeared. Just another headache. Jane

They are thinking of doing ou local hospital we often can never find anywhere to park. We gave noticed a lot of taxis have taken up parking spaces suppose waiting for the next job

We have to pay at our hospital


My hospital as been charging for some time. They use ANPR cameras. Automatic NumberPlate Recognition. Just a lazy way of collecting parking charges. Which I have never liked, giving my personal details out for which is a civil matter.

Why on Earth do they make things so Difficult, Yes I know !!! I have in the past had to get a Special Taxi To accommodate my Scooter or Wheelchair, (some don't like you having Oxygen) They have charged me £15, instead of the Normal £9 charge for the same Distance, is this aloud by Taxi Firms? I sometimes have to go to Queens Hospital, Great place but the Parking is so Bad, hence the Taxi. When I go to Birmingham I am provided with Transport on Request by Arriva, which is a Godsend, so I am Grateful, it is a 2.1/2 hour Journey. BUT, I wonder if they will stop this ? I do have a Bus Pass, but for the Germs,(in the past wore a Mask), and unable to manoeuvre very well, I don't use it now. I will bring this up with my Consultant at My Next Appointment. xxx


Our hospital also charges blue badge holders. Its outrageous

Like your self I think it is an outrage that blue badge holders have to pay full price often to park as far as possible from the main doors of the hospital trapse over traffic laden roads or paths, especially as many patients are no longer entitled to patient transport. I am informed its is because the NHS no longer operates the servicing of car parks. To add insult to injury at our local hospital we have to queue to enter the designated area, plus queue to pay for the use & to exit. Also when leaving hospital after day surgery while still recovering we still have to walk that distance to a taxi rank or a car pick up. Staff also have to pay for their parking to come on shift and care for us, it cost £4 for a two hour visit to hospital that £4 would pay for a days travel on public transport, to some degree it is the cost that causes the outcry. We felt people with mobility needs ought to be able to access cheaper transport for health needs or lesser parking costs at the sites. The transport could be supplied by local Taxi companies at a special rate with the difference subsidised by NHS which would solve the ambulance shortage for less urgent patient need. Lets face it the £4 parking fee many would save could help pay for none urgent patient transport. The powers that be are often very shortsighted.

Blue badge holders shouldn't be charged in any car park I think. Charging in hospitals isn't fair for anyone it's not like you go for fun! But I do understand the revenue helps. Our hospital car park is too small you can only get a space if you get there before 9am or after 4pm, or weekends it's usually okay. Otherwise you've got no chance. Surely the decision makers must realise that a multi-storey is the way forward. I know it would be initial outlay but it would pay for itself in the long term as now most of us have to park 10 mins away in Sainsbury's (which isn't free either btw). I mean surely it's a no brainer, but then I'm not sure the decision makers are all that.

Welcome to the real world Carino,parking charges for blue badge holders anywhere within Tameside including hospitals have been introduced for quite some time and should we wish to escape to more warmer and friendly environments we can enjoy the pleasure of having to pay to be dropped off at Manchester airport to do so.

Enjoy that glass of rose with your Sunday lunch. :)

love Ski's and Scruff's xx

Hacienda in reply to skischool

Hola Carino, I talked of this to family & friends in Spain, I then remembered when I was in The Torrevieja Hospital( recently been elected as the best in Europe) having Hip Replacement all parking was Free, it still is Free to this day. as you say Warmer environments and Patient Friendly. Pasar este Domingo Bien . Amor y Besos. Skis Y Scruffita. xxxx

Hacienda in reply to skischool

Salud y forzer de canut......Yes Only a Late Brunch Today with My Vino Rosado.. Hubby going to work so no Heavy Sunday Lunch ,no alcohol for him. Ha Ha , all for me. LOL....xxxxx

Parking at hospitals is free for all in Wales....has been for years now. It was a godsend when we moved there from all the charging, money grabbing and clock watching in England. There’s enough stress in hospital visits, for patients or for visitors, without parking charges and time limits. When I went back into the system in England for my mother’s visits, I could feel the higher stress levels in the waiting areas.

Trouble is, we’ve moved back now! My heart sank as I drove into my first hospital visit here, past the parking charge machine ☹️ and the costs have gone up!! It’s so wrong to see car parking as a source of funding the NHS, and policing the system adds such negative vibes to a stressful visit.

My husband has chosen to continue his treatment in of the few choices in the system....and the better atmosphere generated by ‘easy’ parking has contributed to that decision.....spaces still a bit of a lottery though at busy times.

Carnival567 in reply to Yatzy

Unless you go to the Royal Gwent, which only has very limited parking space for blue badge holders, and everyone else has to go to a public car park and pay!

Yatzy in reply to Carnival567

Oh dear! I suppose there are exceptions to every rule!

Exactly how I feel Hun, The Stress is immense when looking for parking places whether it be Disabled or Normal especially with a Disability and carrying oxygen. My Treatment will always be ongoing as I await my call for Transplant! Then I will continue with Hospital visits if all goes well....Just that having Easy access with Free Blue badge near to Entrance of Hospital...will soon be filed away in the Archives . of whichever Government. xxx

My hospital is the same. To make mine worse it is way out of town with very little public transport there so if you haven't got a car you have to get a cab and pay £7-8. Also it is at the top of a hill so wherever you park you have to trawl up and down hills which ill people find difficult or impossible.

When my sister used to take our mum there she needed me as well. She dropped us off by the entrance while she went to find a parking place. We couldn't leave our mother on her own as she got confused and sometimes it took10 minutes for my sister to join us as the nearest parking places were all full. Ridiculous. x

Campaigning can work. Our OPD is a converted mill opposite the main hospital. The hospital rented out the car park to a private company,it was a nightmare to work, you had to pay on entering the foyer, the full whack, for 2 hours, £2.80, regardless of how long. If you were there over two hours the hospital had to pay the extra (!!!) the machines were very difficult to sort. One woman told me that she had been sitting waiting for transport and in two hours not one person had succeeded in working the machine first time. Then, more r3cently I went and the system had changed to a much easier system that they had at the other hospital car parks, free for half an hour and then you pay according to how long you have been. I was amazed and asked why the change. The young man receptionist grinned and said “popular demand.” So.... go for it.... more power to your placard, demo...

Let us know if you get anywhere.

Kate xxx

That is so bad Hun. Your Poor Mum. Our General Hosp., is very Good, but it's like a Village where it has lots of intertwining one way roads. It is a Teaching Hospital & Excellent. But, it has individual Buildings to access, most are very good to park and walk (wheelchair for me), and when I have to have my Lung Tests, as just recently, The Lung Department is in the Highest Building on top of a Hill. Dread to think if we had an argument, Hubby could just let go of the chair of I'd go all the way Down Hill...OOO, Shudder. So, he leaves me in my chair in a Tiny area, where everyone & staff smoke at the Doorway, it Beggars Belief. So, I go for the Blow Blow Blow, coughing and sputtering, Head exploding. No wonder my Results havn't come through yet.........Thought I would give you a Giggle, Though it is True. Love n Hugs. xxxxxx


Hi yes we pay for blue badge parking at all our hospitals and finding a bay is a night mare. 😢 and we pay for blue badge in the town centres. Majt 😡

Hi I noticed someone said a cab cost them £7 to £8, if I go to my local hospitals the lowest price is £22 one way all the others cost more than that and it is around £15 to walk in centre. Cabs are only for extreme emergency which would no doubt be covered by Ambulance . Most journeys need two buses if able to use public transport or three buses in some cases, sign of the changing times.

Yes Katie, I Agree, Sign of the Changing Times, Not always in our Favour. Hope your well. XXX

Rotherham hospital beat pretty well everyone else to charging on blue badges. Nothing new in this world!



Last time I was at AE I parked in ambulance bay with my blue badge .. i Know how considerate it was of me

But was same for me how can have someone clearly I’ll in a.e for 8 hours.

Needless to say I was fined but on that occasion IT was worth best £35 have ever spent.

After 12 hours of waiting I managed to move it

Wakefield and Pontefract hospitals charge for blue badge parking too.

Once hubby has dropped you off, if there are no disabled spaces in c/p tell him to park the car on double yellow lines and put your badge out, that will give you 3 hours for appointment.

Hacienda in reply to 96ydduhc

Hi Hun, This was two Years ago, lot has changed since and we do not pay for Parking with Blue Badge Now, Parking can still be problematic, but we learn to adapt. Nowadays , all has Changed. Best Wishes. C. XX

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