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Why is it so cold when you go out to places now?

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I've noticed over the last few years that restaurants, cafes and the cinema etc are all really cold now, it's like they seem to all have air con on even in the winter.

Yesterday afternoon I took the kids to the pictures then for dinner, we couldn't remove our coats in the cinema! And even when we went to Giraffe for dinner between courses I had to put my fleece back on.

It can't just be me, I mean I know I do get a bit chilly but definitely places are colder now than they used to be. And my goodness my local Sainsbury's is so cold that even in summer you need to bring a cardigan with you to wear in the shop. Goodness knows how th staff cope!

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Hi Shancock,

I often feel cold, like you I can feel cold in or outdoors. Some I put down to my ailments but Supermarkets are cooler, saving on heat no doubt. That and as the years pass I tended to feel colder, when other feel war, others are the same, lots of reasons and I often take an extra jumper or coat when I go out in car.. My feet are the worst, never warm and less than really warm even in summer.

I agree with you [I thought it was just me] I cannot shop in Sainsburys anymore as the 'cooler aisles' have now become so cold now they take my breath away.My copd lungs unfortunately cannot tolerate sudden temperature changes.

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Spacecat1 in reply to Comino2

Sainsbury are awful as soon as you enter you can feel the cold air.

Sainsburys definitely, after a very early visit to the dentist we called into there for breakfast, goodness it was blasting freezing air over the whole of the cafe, I was not the only one complaining

The supermarkets are like freezers I'm just glad to get out and back into a nice warm car.

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Hacienda in reply to Spacecat1

I agree, Especially Aldi, My Teeth pain me after shopping in their freezer section. But Most of them are very Cold. Plan ahead take a warm cardigan under your Jacket. xxxx

Yes, I find the supermarkets are cool but I just wear a jacket, on the other hand I've had to walk out of shops and chemists as they can be overpoweringly warm and I can't breathe. I'd rather be too cool than too hot, you can always keep your outerwear on!

Same here. Air conditioning has become a real problem for me specially in the gym. I am limited to one exercise bike if I want to avoid being blasted with cold air. They could direct the cold air along the ceiling rather than have it blowing straight onto people. When it was hot last summer I had to leave early.

Our optician used to insist on leaving the door open in winter. As if not having to push the door open would encourage people to get new glasses. The staff often had colds. It was an order from head office. I wrote to them, but had no answer. In one health food shop staff was obliged to keep the door open in the mornings. Doesn’t do much for health or carbon footprint.

I had noticed in supermarkets the aisles are pretty cold but in my innocence I assumed it was a requirement courtesy of health and safety rules or something to maintain a cool environment for the food in aisles whether in the packets tins freezers etc.........everything except the comfort of the shopper. 😜

Love Sainsburys... I expect it to start snowing in there :-)

I am sorry this is so late, my theory is that stores and cafes have air conditioning and perhaps turn it to a cooler temperature. I wonder if it to save money.

Or Azure-Sky to get you on and out quickly , or the fridges area . mmm

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