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CT Scan with Contrast.

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They want to check my abdominal lymph nodes for any metastasis of the superficial, yet high grade (malignant), urinary bladder tumors. According to the pathology report, most were low grade with only a microinvasion into membranous tissue.

Drinking the barium sulfate wasn’t too bad, except the last few milliters I thought I might spew. You have to drink a large glass before midnight, then a second glass the next morning, two hours before the scan.

Then an IV needle is installed and Prior to entering the scanner, the nurse infuses the iodine which they warn you will cause a warming sensation, along with a metallic taste in your mouth. It only lasts for a minute or so, then they do a few scans and it’s over. It will be a few days for the results.

Trying to be “bulldog” tough in California.


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Good luck, Jim. These tests can be very difficult , hoping your results are clear.

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Sharp5Flat13 in reply to Yatzy

Thanks, Breathezee.

The waiting is the hard part. Hope you get a good result. 👍

Thanks, Don. Cheers.

Thinking of you and praying your results are ok.

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Yes quite unpleasant..Good luck with your results Jim 💫🤗

Thanks everyone!

I hope you get good results xx

That's awful the Barium meal, and pooping white bricks later on ........ewwww, the CT scan with contrast is a doddle in comparison though. So sorry you are going through all this jim, here's hoping for good test results.

Thank you, Bkin. I’ll post my tests results as soon as they come back. Definitely will be off the list for the lung transplant for a minimum of two years.

The best of luck with the tests hope the results are good. I’m going for a contrast scan on Wednesday to decide if I have just one tumour in my lung or if their are any tiny ones elsewhere! So like you will be spending time awaiting results. But I have never known what goes into the contrast scan.....I recognise the feeling that you describe! So thanks for that. Here’s hoping with both get results we are hoping for.

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Sharp5Flat13 in reply to E10ly

Thanks, E10ly. I will know more next week.

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E10ly in reply to Sharp5Flat13

I’ve had my contrast scan and know now that I have just the one tumour! I have been given my treatment dates starting November 19th I’m having VMAT treatment. This was the news I was hoping for I just hope your news is as good, take care and thinking of you

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Sharp5Flat13 in reply to E10ly

My results are in and lymph nodes and bladder muscle are clear. So my tumours, though active were superficial. I started my immunotherapy today where they infuse the BCG bacteria into the bladder to develop WBCs to fight further neoplasia. So it looks like we both are bearers of good news!

So pleased that things have turned out better than you thought.........I have heard very good things about immunotherapy so look forward to hearing how you get on......thinking of you.

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