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Don is right!


Weather is changing..Foggy over the hills..and we are turning the clocks ⏰ on Saturday night..Fall back they say in America..too right.

So I’m trotting between Mum’s room and mine, doctors, nurses, you name it. At least we ate our trays together, and she is eating better. I hope that staphylococcus aureus hasn’t travelled back with us and is keeping well away from her foot. She is to have an mri in a week.

I had a good essential oils massage yesterday, I could breathe.

I am going to the respiratory unit on Monday, more pfts..still coughing, drinking herbal teas..

Cut off honey 🍯 in thyme tea and sugar in coffee altogether. Very hard but prednisone is pushing up my sugar levels. Don’t like that rapeseed oil either but prednisone is pushing up my cholesterol levels. 😃

I am going to be so cleannnn thank goodness for the 2 guinness leftover in the fridge from my naughty days, PSG- Marseille coming up!!

Have a snow free weekend xx


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Savour the Guinness! By all means Fran. Glad you’re doing well.


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Thanks Jim 😊

Hi Fran 🧚🏻‍♀️

Sounds as though you’re both safely arrived back in Switzerland 👍 Hoping things will be a little easier for you now. You’ve accomplished loads!

No fog here, very clear, but temperature nose-diving ☃️ The extra hour on Sunday morning will cheer me up!

I’ve given up sugar a while doesn’t suit my digestion these days, so I feel better mostly for it, becomes a habit, apart from an occasional today when I succumbed to a gorgeously fresh and delicious custard tart from our local patisserie (yes, we have one at our new house!!) 🥧

I use sunflower oil not rapeseed, tastes better.

I think that’s me caught up. I’m up early trying to sort a new mobile....this change of address seems to complicate everything....needed four days notice to change! And my old one siezing up on speed and tricky to use these days. Think I’ve finally, finally sorted it 🎉

Wishing you a calm and happy weekend, Fran, with a win for PSG....we may not be so lucky ⚽️ 😕

Love xx Penny 💕

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Hello my dear Penny,

Thank you for your news and advice 🌸💕

I’m catching up Have I got news for you? To laugh a little 😃

Well in March I think when my cholesterol test was so high all of a sudden 9.2(!) There was an explanation with it say I had no omega 6 at all and a recommendation of having 2 tbsp of olive oil a day and 1 of rapeseed oil a day. It’s not so bad whipped in my lactose free skimmed cream cheese with a tablespoon of almond puree...oh yesss 😂

It’s just that when you are away things go haywire..when I was at Mum’s it went completely haywire😅

I am mainly a vegetarian these days, I only eat meat when it is put in front of me and I can’t escape, I don’t like it anymore..maybe the meds change your taste, who knows..I have fish when it is put in front of me and fresh..I like those salmon fillets full of mercury though 😃 but the doctor wants me to eat protein..

I don’t like pâtisserie or sweets at all

I am a wholemeal granary nutty bread and savoury veg lover, and any lactosefree goodies!

Hope you get a nice new user friendly mobile phone 📱

And you must beat Everton, and Rooney the lesson giver now he’s left!!

Love 💖

Fran xx

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Hi Fran 💕

I seem to have replied to you somewhere else!

I’ll just say here that I think aging 😢 changes our taste, as well as meds.

For years and years, I loved a black coffee, feeling nauseous at even the smell of white. Now lattes are my call, friends still amazed! I even enjoy a milky Green and Blacks cocoa for breakfast each day. Amazing!

I think the news of my osteopenia had something to do with my change of heart, but finding I suddenly enjoyed drinks with milk was mind blowing!! 🍶🍼🥛

I am a brown granary girl, too, and they do it well at our new local patisserie aka bakers. 🥖🍞🥖 The fresh custard tart was an aberration yesterday....lovely though 😋😋 Yum! It would have been a whipped cream meringue dipped in chocolate garnished with raspberries in the old days....feels VERY sickly now 🤢

Love and calm vibes, my friend 🌸❤️🌸 Penny xx

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That was funny:

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😂 We don't know whether to love or hate Ronaldo! Reasons on both sides!

At least we won yesterday...phew! And I was able to watch the match...on my iPad complete with good headphones that pick up all the OT songs. Lovely! xx How did PSG get on? ⚽️⚽️⚽️

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Glad you did. We won 2-0 I couldn’t watch it properly, computer was freezing all the time 🙃

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How very very annoying! I suppose it’s difficult for you while away from your home.

I’m afraid I can’t justify to myself spending huge sums monthly on a tv service when the channels I routinely watch are free on Freeview. I come unstuck for the matches, of course, so pay match by match when they’re on Sky through NowTV, but have to watch on my iPad....felt like Subbuteo at first but with Bose headphones, really comes alive.

Good that PSG won though. You were top of the league again last time I checked too 🎉. Man U seem to be struggling to stay above the halfway line, but improving at last 🤞I’ve been refusing to pay good money to watch them!!

Enjoy your day, Fran. Hoping your Mum is settled for now.

I had to turn out late on a frosty Sunday night to mine because she said she was cold and her heating was off. She fiddles with it when a bit warm, and turns it off by accident!! I was back by 1.45am, new time, 2.45am old time! Not sure how much longer she can live alone, with four carer visits per day. She’ll be 99 in January, bless her!

Love xx ⚽️ xx Penny

It’s good to know your mum is eating ok. All the best for her mri. I hope you get over your travels soon, it all sounded very exhausting so no wonder things have gone haywire. A change of routine and pace, eating differently and at odd times, it’s all bound to have an effect on you. I do hope you get over it all soon.

I don’t sweeten my coffee or herbal teas but otherwise I love sweet food, pastries, chocolate, biscuits, desserts. And all the wrong foods, rich food, cheese, crisps, chips... Although I do love vegebles too I eat way too much of everything else so am trying to diet and lose weight since about 2 weeks now, no crisps, biscuits and chocolate in the week, but I allow myself these things at weekends. So it’s not that much of a diet I guess! But you need nice things too. Enjoy your Guinness 🍺

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Yes I know what you mean, everything in moderation..HHp..thank you for your concern 😊

Hubby told by doctors to lose some weight. So only plain biscuits (low calorie) during the week more vegetables less meat except chicken and fish. No chocolate during the week. At the beginning he was not impressed but he's starting to see the difference. Does ave a chocolate bar on a Saturday and Sunday. Slowly but surely hes losing weight.

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Poor hubby!! Hashtag not impressed either 😃

A diet is a diet for life if not you go back to your old ways and put on double the weight you loss, you develop cravings for the food and drink you miss, you even find cravings for things you never ate nor drank before!! So I don’t diet but I am a very moderate person! I mean I am so boring 😉😋🤗💤

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Not at all boring 😀😀😀😜

Keep going Fran, and hope you and your mum improve daily. 🌻

I hate the fog and we have none here thankfully. Nice but chilly today. 🌤

You have the Guiness to spur you on so hang on in there. 😃👍

Have a good weekend. Xxx 😍

Happy friend.fear not Tuna is packed with protein and body builder Scruffy cat is sending you Tuna parcels forthwith,i imagine Guinness is packed with just about every other life sustaining molecule available over the counter so you can't go wrong there either.

Dare i wager a bet on Psg V Marseille?as you know they cost me dearly the other night but Marseille are rubbish at the moment so you should win.

Have a comfortable and well wrapped up weekend and likewise best wishes for Mum.

Ski's and Scruff's xxx

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I don’t know honestly..we did 5-0 against or draw?

Xx 😊

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Marseille's defence are leaking goals for fun at the moment so i predict a win . :)


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Ok I trust your judgment as I am away from all civilisation perched up in windy and snowy Jura! Woke up at 4 am instead of 5 am..

Catching up on Strangers on ITV. I don’t understand a thing or hardly but I like John Simms. Episode 6 seems a little better.

Said I’ll meet Mum for breakfast, she is just across the hall but I already ate mine 😃 I expect she ate hers!

We will have to have seconds!!

Hope I can see the match tonight or at least listen to it!


Fran xx

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My nan used to swear by Guinness said it was a good medicinal drink. Not sure what it was suppose to cure.

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🤣 your Nan was right!!


Hi Fran, we woke up to snow this morning but it cleared up as the day went on but very cold. Hope things improve next week for you and your mum. Enjoy your Guinness Fran 😀🍺 and the rest of your weekend. Love Majt X

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Thank you Majt.

Did you?? Wow 😮 ❄️☃️

They are announcing snow for this weekend but so far it rained.

Mum and I had our food trays then an afternoon nap. I did my embroidery while we chatted. Then I found some Belgian series in French for Mum on Netflix it was just so gory we had to quit. We laughed.

Now we are watching the French version of Dance with the stars.

Hope tomorrow is a little better!!

Love, Fran xx

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Hi Fran, nice that your Mum and you are being well looked after. I don't like anything gory on the tv either can't watch it. Pleased you've got your embroidery. Take care. Love Majt 😃 🍂🍁

Hey Fran this is totally random here, but what was the name of the Swiss cheese ball you told us about a few weeks ago? I tried searching for it but as I can’t remember the name I’m not having much success. Someone, maybe stone-UK posted a link to the recipe. I’m not a very successful cook but I thought I’d look to see if it’s something I could try making. It did look good! Merci d’avance 🧀 I hope you’re having a good evening and enjoying the football ⚽️

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Malakoff!! Good evil stuff but delicious 😋

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Thanks Fran. Most of the delicious stuff is bad, and vice versa! 🍰🎂🍫🧀🍟🍕