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New member with bronchiectasis


Hi all,

Recently diagnosed with bronchiectasis after a lifelong history of chest/breathing issues (lobectomy as a baby, asthma since toddler age). Mostly under control since I reached my teens but seem to be catching up with me again at age 57. Like keeping fit,walking,gym, swimming- and above travelling when off work. Advice on how to stay fit & healthy & deal with flare ups is most welcome! Looking forward to sharing experiences with you

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It sounds like you're already doing a lot to keep fit and healthy, Rattle. Keeping to a healthy diet, avoiding triggers like smoke and scent, having the flu jab, and avoiding people with colds and other infections will help. I wear gloves a lot, avoid touching doors and handles with my bare hands when out and about, and using hand sanitiser if I can't wash my hands. I try to avoid touching my face and hair, and especially the corners of my eyes. When I'm in a public place that is crowded and/or air conditioned, I use NasalGuard Cold and Flu Block and breathe through my nose. When I've left the situation I then use Vick's First Defence to dispose of any nasties that may have slipped through.

Rattle in reply to Ergendl

Thank you. Fortunatel my children are quite grown up so that’s one less source of infections but I do travel frequently (flying) due to work. May try your idea with NasalGuard C&F to avoid catching colds from other passengers!


I’m new too and even in a few days I have realised that this blog is going

To be so helpful and beneficial and uplifting.

It’s about knowing that you are not on your own.

There will be others who will have the practical tips to help you.

I’m sorry I can’t do that yet but good wishes to you.

Hi Hun, Had noted your New, Welcome and Enjoy, I'm sure you are Laughing, sometimes crying, But we are family and now you are too. Love n Hugs , Carolina xxxx

Izb1 in reply to Whitechinchilla

Welcome to you also whitechinchilla x

Welcome, Just to say Hi and enjoy all our Blogs, most about Lung probs and some to make everyone smile. ..Love n Hugs...Carolina. xxx

Rattle in reply to Hacienda

Many thanks!

Welcome to this site - you will find it very useful. The most important aspect of having Bronchiectasis is regular coughing-up of the mucus. Apart from keeping free of germs, one way or another, getting rid of mucus is the best way of keeping healthy. If it collects, then it's more likely to become infected. That's another problem. You will learn a lot along the way. Good luck. Don't panic. Hope you've had your flu jab! Sorry to say this but children are little bug factories.

Rattle in reply to Claudine

Thank you! I am driving family & friends slightly mad with my coughing at times. Any way to clear up and reduce the coughing is welcome:)

Claudine in reply to Rattle

If this hasn't been covered so far then you need to see a chest physio re the methods to use. Urgent! Were you diagnosed by your GP surgery or by a chest specialist? Sounds like you need more info.

Rattle in reply to Claudine

I was diagnosed by a chest specialist - will look into the chest physio/breathing exercises and discuss this at my next appointment.

Always get your flu jab, get the pneumonia jab too. I assume you see a respiratory physio? They will show you how to do your breathing exercises every morning and ervey night to clear your lungs of the mucus thus making it less likely to get infections. You can also use a small device called an Acapella to help with that some people find very useful, some people also nebulise with saline. If you feel your getting an infection it's important to start abs (14 days is usual). Your dr should supply you with what's called a rescue pack so you have them to hand should you need them.

Don't kelt anyone through your door who has the symptoms of a cold!

There's lots of good info about this on the BLF website. There's als people on here who know much more about this one so look out for the posts.

Good luck x

Rattle in reply to Shancock

Many thanks, I have been given rescue pack& repeat prescription, so prepared! Not looked into the breathing exercises yet but that sounds like a good idea.

Shancock in reply to Rattle

I think the breathibt exercises are a vital part of managing the condition well, u should ask to be referred asap

Welcome Rattle ... another idea I feel quite strongly about is growing a few herbs in my garden and having a nibble of some everyday. They are are potent and immediate hit of anti-oxidants which help protect your immune system from the bugs floating around.

Rattle in reply to cara4116

Thank you. What type of herbs do you grow/propose? I was adviced by the pharmacist to work on improving immune system and she recommended some herbal supplements.

cara4116 in reply to Rattle

Ha ha Rattle ... well I'm not probably very scientific about it ... I just grow what I will use in cooking and can stomach eating raw ... chives, garlic chives, parsley, basil, then I grow passionfruit, strawberries, tomatoes, rocket, lettuce, butternut pumpkin etc. Anything I can eat straight from the garden is much much higher in nutrient value and antioxidants than anything bought from the shops that has been sprayed, in transit, then storage for days to weeks at a time. I'm a lazy gardener and dig all veggie scraps directly into trenches in the soil. Things just come up on their own because I've been improving the soil over the years doing this, and adding manure every now and then. It's not a cure all but it certainly goes towards aiding the immune system in fighting the bugs around us :).

A very warm welcome to you Rattle and also Whitechinchilla. I hope you find this link helpful. I was lucky enough to have some involvement in this as one of the Pat Advisory Group at that time. Just about everyone on here and at Bronchiectasis R Us with bronch also had input, in that they very kindly answered questions set by Prof Chalmer from the ERS and expressed their views.

Love cx

I recently had two surgeries and came through tremendously. I am 100 percent pacemaker dependent and had an AV node ablation. It saved my life with very severe afib. However a few days out from the hospital thinking I was coughing due to the Prednisone I had to take had a coughing fit where I could not breathe. My husband called an ambulance and after two days found I was having congestive heart failure due to bronchitis and fluid that had built up in my lungs that was preventing my heart from having room to function.

I am home finishing the ABs and terrified about my immune system. Reading the posts I am seeing how foolhardy I have been. Not just with the obvious precautions but things like having extra ADs on hand Inreviewing my history see there is much more I can do. The not being able to breath at all was so frightening to me and I am so thankful I got help in time.

Hi Rattle and welcome to the site. Cara has given good advice on herbs, I too grow a small amount for cooking, which I'm sure helps. Sounds like you will need to be on the ball fighting infections if you are travelling around alot, but maybe your condition is only mild at the moment and you can cope. I wish you well. Irene x

Rattle in reply to Izb1

Thank you Izb1:) I think it’s only mild so far -and I have got more vigilant about all signs off infections around me since I was diagnosed.

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