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Second visit , Pulmonary rehab


Well here as promised last Friday is the second instalment of the PR experience. Since last Friday I have try to be more active, walking further in the house, and making trips around that weren't really necessary. Last Friday and today the staff are starting to get it into my head that breathlessness is not going to kill me, and I shouldn't be afraid of it. The course seems to be set around excercises designed to build up your wasted muscles to the point of breathlessness, and then to teach and encourage recovery whilst not panicking in the most effective way.

The staff are very good, encouraging , but still being quite demanding in the NICEST POSSIBLE way. It is a very good course, and I am so pleased to be on it, although I havnt yet quite mastered my fear of breathlessness.

If you have a chance get on it . Who wants to spend there life in fear.

I can't ge this Friday so see you all next Wed. Will explain what the excercises are.

By for now.


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You seem to be doing well Chris and the PR seems to be good for you. Xxxxx

canalchris in reply to sassy59

Yes ,thanks sassy. I guess I needed a bit of bullying to help me stop feeling sorry for myself.👍😂😂🍺😎🇵🇹

sassy59 in reply to canalchris



Keep up the good work!

Thanks for posting, Chris. My husband went for his preassessment last Monday and is now considered suitable for a Pulmonary Rehab course.

Previously he was considered too de conditioned after his stays in hospital etc. He starting on 11th November. Like you he gets very breathless with the least exertion so I'm hoping for some improvement for him as it will also have a knock on effect on making life a bit easier for me too!

It's so good to hear your positive thoughts about it so far.

Keep up the good work.

Best wishes


canalchris in reply to Corin1950

Thanks for your post Corin. Just a thought , does your husband have a small hand held fan. The reason I ask is because the chief physio nurse when I went for my suitability assessment told me to get a small hand held fan to hold near my face when Igot breathless, the feeling of moving air promotes a sense of calm when I feel panicky from being SOBreath.

The little ones from pound shop are ok but you will use loads cos they don't last long. Better ones with usb chargers available on Amazon. About £10. Best of luck to your hubby.



peege in reply to canalchris

Hi Canalchris, on my PR course I was taught that there are nerve endings in the face that are (somehow) connected to the lungs (perhaps someone will come along to explain it more succinctly) so it's the breeze on the face that makes a difference. Once my 3 year old granddaughter had an asthma coughing fit near Waterloo Station from the diesel fumes. I grabbed a free Evening Standard newspaper, fanned her face for a while and the coughing and breathlessness ceased.

It's amazing what you learn at PR. 👍

Perfectly correct, do not be afraid to get breathless. If you want to see real breathlessness then walk with me, like Thomas the Tank Engine. It is definitely all about managing your breathing and not panicking about it. The more often that you get breathless the easier it becomes, you get used to it. If you do find yourself beginning to panic you will be able to automatically enter recovery mode before the panic and your breathing get really out of control.

As for exercise then start to plan on what/how you are going to continue after your PR course has finished, it is essential that you continue to exercise or you will be back at square one, deconditioned, within a few short weeks.

Thanks for that. Sometimes my breathlessness makes me panic. It’s reassuring to hear that. Keep the reviews coming-really interesting.

PR was what started to get me better. Exercise is the best antidote to COPD (along with regular antibiotics). I didn’t believe them to start with, then the exercising made me mobile without having to sit down every 10 steps to get my breath back.

canalchris in reply to jamorro

I'm working up to 10 steps?!!!😂😂😂👍

It's the best thing for people like us.

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