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Advice please

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Hi Everyone, I'm new here & need some advice please. .I've been diagnosed with quite severe copd & have developed asthma as I've got older too probs with the menopause ..not a good combo I gather !

Recently i had a heavy cold which resulted in a lung infection on my left lung where i have chickenpox scaring so had antibiotics which worked ..I have had to start taking an extra inhaler Incruse 1 puff a day,on top of Fostair 2puffs 2x a day plus the ventolin. My sleep has been very disturbed last few weeks n have been sweating loads, started trying an hrt patch to try help a week ago which I'd already got. .I've lost lots of weight last few months even though I eat healthily & wasn't overweight in the beginning! I spoke to a doctor yesterday as v concerned that I still feel very rubbish until the afternoon &he recommends me to take the emergency pack of Predisinole 5mg x6 a day for 5 days ..I took a 2mg valium late afternoon n felt heaps better ☺ however I'm scared to take the prednisolone incase I have bad reaction as I'm very sensitive n react to things easily. .I gather from Google that my heart is struggling hence the sleep issues ,sweating, exhaustion, breathlessness etc. ..In the past I had a chest x ray which confirmed lung congestion n spirometry exam keeps going down last count was 55% before infection 😕 will the prednisolone cause more heart issues?? My regular doc said I wasn't bad enough a few weeks ago to see a specialist ! I live on my own n my 4 adult kids don't seem to want to know ..I've been trying to work up till now, self employed n am in the process of filling out Pip form ..maybe there's other benefits I can get i don't know ,i just feel so over whelmed n confused n just don't know what to do next ...any advice gratefully received thanku so much.

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Hi Shanti55 and welcome to the forum. I would advise you to ring the BLF helpline on Monday during office hours on 03000 030 555. One of the nurses should be able to offer help and advice.

Hope things improve for you soon. Xxxxx

Hi nice to meet you and welcome to the site. You do seem to have a lot of issues going on so I think the best thing to do is ring up BLF on 03000 030 555 as they have a nurse and a benefits advisor there. You will need to wait until Monday now as they work office hours.

You can also check out the Govt.'s own site on Gov.UK for advice on benefits. When claiming PIP it's not about the illness you have but how it affects you, You need to fit a certain criteria so the forms are a bit tricky to complete and it's a good idea to get help from the CAB or a local disability rights group.

Meanwhile stay with us here as I am sure others will be in shortly with their 2 cents. x

I wouldn’t work if you’re really ill, get gastro resistant steroids they leave no taste in your mouth, if you’re going to put in for pip etc, see if your doctors have a welfare rights person and they will more or less do everything for you, I also have severe copd but we just have to live with it I’m afraid hope you can get sorted out. Good luck my friend.

Take it not just from me but my consultant too. Try not to give up working just yet, remaining active is the best thing you can do after not smoking.

I am still working, like you, self employed, and only me myself can say stop. I am 68 with a lung function of 31% and still do an 8 1/2 hour day on my feet 5 days a week. Plus working out after work. This might sound like hard work, it is, but so worth it to be able to live an almost normal life.

Severe copd is no joke, but those are the cards we are dealt, it is up to us to make the best of a bad hand.

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emmo in reply to 2greys

2greys you are always inspirational to the rest of us. good luck to you


Change your GP and ask the new one to refer you to a thoracic lung specialist.

Ask you GP to provide you with a sputum test and its form. Spit in it in the morning and go to surgery to have it sent to the lab. This should definitely show which bug it is and the appropriate antibiotics.

I think Pred is only an anti-inflammatory. IMO, the right bug needs to be defined and eradicated.

I have low vision, so difficult to write. So forgive me the shortness. . If you cannot change GP right now, ask for a second opinion doctor. You have a right to be seen by a specialistand TREATED

Hope this helps. Mic

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Shanti55 in reply to helingmic

Thanku, such excellent advice from u all 😊 I took the prednisolone n have been feeling better every day as well because I'm in Wales relaxing with better air. .my system was clearly on red alert! And I will sort out docs n thingz when I get back but I am mostly without signal down here hence a few days delay! Stay well everyone xx

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