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Bath aids

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I do like a soak in the bath with a good book! As my IPF progresses I find it more and more difficult to get out of the bath. I keep the extractor fan on and the door open to try and equalise temperature/humidity but the effort of getting out sets off the panting and coughing so I have to grab the oxygen. Various aids have been suggested but I wonder what others have tried and would recommend or avoid?

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Take your pick.

Speak to your local council with view to getting a grant.

Or look at

Hi, I had the same problem as I have mobility issues as well as my breathing problems. I went to PR a couple of months ago and the nurse there suggested a bath lift chair, it sits in the bath, no fitting needed, and lifts up to get in and then down to soak in the bath. The council has a facility to supply various aids and I went for an assessment and was granted one, a very nice man came to put it in and show me how to work it, he also installed a hand rail at the side of the bath to help getting in and out. A brilliant service, I've had more baths in these last couple of months than I'd had in the 2 or 3 years previously , I would certainly recommend it.

Why don’t you use the oxygen whilst in the bath and then you’d be all ready for getting out? Joy x

I solved this problem by getting the bath removed and a walk in shower cubicle installed. Now I prefer relaxing into my cosy chair in the lounge with a book after my shower.

What about a walk in bath apparently they can use the bath you already have. Or a shower with a seat attached to the wall

It's the humidity that's affecting your breathing which is making you feel weaker. Try turning up your oxygen whilst you are in the bath. I don't bathe or shower without having my oxygen on these days as it just gets so tiresome afterwards without using oxygen.

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