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Left Anterior Hemi - Block Is It Serious

Going through my full medical history for my pip appeal I found refrance to left anterior hemi block on 12 month old heart ecg.

Was about 12 months ago I remember time clearly as fell passed out bashed my face in.

I tried escaping from AE but could not leave waiting room.

Issue is IS it serious and why have my doctors never told me about it.

So many questions LIKE could that be cause of abdomen swelling.

And why have my doctors never told me or done further test given other conditions.

And was they right in not surporting my pip appeal.

Well refused to confirm my medical conditions

As you can imagen am quite annoyed and feeling quite sick

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Hi Jeff, your medical conditions are on your record on the computer in the surgery. They should contain everything. All your GP has to do is print them off. You are entitled to them by law. If the ecg report is not there it is their mistake for not including it. The least he could do is write a supporting letter explaining how they affect your daily life. Have a word with the practice manager about printing off the conditions for you. Why oh why don’t these people realise how their cooperation in one small matter would make your life much easier. I do think that ecg report should be followed up because some heart conditions can cause you to store water so you may be right about your stomach.

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Hi littlepom have seen other doctors and would not surport or confirm my conditions in letter THATs why had to get full history myself SO could cobble letters togeather from previos dx investagations had.

If was healthu heart issues would not bother me but explains pains breathing issues had .

My guts are horrendus really very bloted IS disgrace gp wont confirm issues on my medical records

I don't know what that means but I also don't know why your doctor didn't tell you about it and explain it to you. What's with doctors not sharing results with us. Maybe it's not serious at this stage, just something to watch, so your doctor didn't feel the need to mention it 😐 However, when the heart isn't working properly it does have a knock on effect on the rest of the body, including water retention like swollen limbs, swollen stomach or in the tissues, breathing problems, fatigue and so on. Maybe you could ask your doctor about it, to explain or discount whether this is causing some of the 'unexplained' things you've been experiencing.

Here’s hoping your doctor becomes more helpful and your pip appeal is successful. Surely people can see what problems you face on a daily basis plus you care for your dad. It’s all so very wrong that you’re having to appeal.

I wish you well. Xxxxxx

Jeff. Left anterior hemiblock can be a benign condition or it can have clinical significance. Without the full report from the cardiologist from the ECG then your GP would be guessing. Like all conditions there are degrees of significance. I am not an expert in anyway in cardiology but if your ECG showed any significant changes my feeling is that you would have been followed up after your visit to A&E. As I have stated in other posts and replies Dr letters can become very confusing because the degree of significance is not discussed. However with experience after reading the letter you can see what is clinically important or not. My consultant is excellent as his reports deals with the clinically important details first and then states the incidental findings which have no clinical significance to the report.

Hi there JAS, now stick with it,you've got to because what else or who else is going to help you. Its a absolute disgrace,the undiagnosed issues and you having to deal with all your health issues whilst caring for your Dad. Stay strong my friend.

That's absolutely disgraceful negligence.

They've watched you through hell, all this time, when this could have been the cause of most of your problems.

Give them hell xx

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