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Hello everybody. I am 23 years old and i dont know by now do i have COPD. Ive done Spirometry and X-ray half a year ago, (also checked heart, blood test) due to shortness of breath while, only,climbing hills, roads. If the road was just a bit upwards- it caused my symptoms. But i could run and jump. I ve had this for 2 years and immediately it started getting worse. I am smoking cigarettes for 10 years by now. Used to smoke weed with tobacco.Quit year ago. Is there anybody who had the same symptoms(with climbing) at first? I also had mucus without caugh for 4 years but sadly never checked my stomache. I never actually had caugh. Sorry for my english. I am going to doctor tomorrow.

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Hi I doubt very much you have copd at your age as it's usually caused by decades of smoking or working in certain industries. Few people under the age of around 40 will develop it. It will be good to see your doctor as s/he can put your mind at rest. x

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I doubt COPD, possibly asthma? A doctor will have to do variety of tests, a Spirometry test is th best for diagnosing asthma.

But whatever your symptoms may be I would strongly advise you give up smoking entirely. It is the most important thing you will do for your health and the long term benefits will be felt for years to come. At your age it shouldn't be too difficult, my mum gave up at 67! Try a new hobbie to take your mind off it. If you do it will be highly unlikely you will ever develop COPD.

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You are young for copd although it's not impossible.

There is obviously something amiss with your breathing, I felt a bit like this for many many years climbing hills, I thought it was my heart so avoided hills. Skiing was fine though, the air is clear and fresh in the mountains. I was finally diagnosed with asthma.

As you have something wrong with your lungs and you're only 23 then now is a perfect time to quit smoking. You know you can do it because you did it with the weed - well done you for that, it's as bad as cigarettes.

Good luck at the the way, we are all patients here. P

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I was breathless when I climbed steep fells in the English Lake District in my 20s. That was because they are very steep and I was not so fit at first. I didn't get COPD with asthma until my late 50s, caused mainly by the smoking of a partner and my using solid fuel stoves and coal fires for cooking and heating.

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Hi. Am Noemi. I also experience the same when I climb stairs even just few and go on the hill and also when i do light activity around the house. I never smoked or drink but I have scoliosis since i was teenager. I think luck of water intake also can cause all sorts of problems. However i go to GP to check my lungs on Monday and hopefully will send me for this lung function test.

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