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Any advice? Still coughing 4 lots of antibiotics later!

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Hi everyone, I joined last year and posted about having a bout of pneumonia, I ended up in hospital on IV antibiotics for a few days. I had a chest infection that Oral antibiotics didn’t treat, I had 5 courses and steroids. I recovered well.

Now exactly a year on ive had a chest infection/cough for the last 6 weeks, coughing up mucus, I can’t sleep, I’m constantly breathless and my chest is so painful, I’m on my 4th lot of antibiotics, I’ve been taking this lot for 3 days and I feel the same if not worse, just feel so drained and exhausted.

Really struggling as I work as a fitness instructor and I’m usually fit and well.

Any advice on going to out of hours? My GP can’t see me this late in the day.

Thanks in advance.

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Do you have an out of hours clinic? Or an urgent care centre?

To be honest at this stage if I were you I would go to A&E in the morning if your not feeling any better as they can do an X-ray and blood test etc there and then and hopefully give you something to treat it. I'm wondering what's abs you are taking. The better ones for chest/Bronhcitis problems are Doxycycline and Clarithromycin as they tend to work better than the standard Amoxicillin or Augmentin.

When you recover from this I advise you to have the flu jab and then also the pneumonia jab, you really have to insist your dr give you the latter one if they question it.

If you get further chest problems again then I would ask your dr to refer you to a respiratory consultant who can then look further into why you getting these, if there's an underlying issue which is causing these infections.

I would say you need to be referred to a chest consultant to have regular checks , I am surprised that the hospital that treated you didn’t arrange this . It would give peace of mind as a chest consultant will do X-rays each time and spirometry .

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Patty24 in reply to Daisy55

Hi Daisy , something similar happened to me.I think once u get a bad pneumonia your lungs are weakened.I ended up with Bronchiectasis.You need follow up with doctor and demand a CT scan.Keep shouting until you get looked after.I had a bronchoscopy too which showed alot of inflamatory cells.Good luck

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