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Update on health been a while


Evening everyone hope all are doing as well as expected with this dreaded copd, I went to my local walk in centre on Sunday as my breathing was really bad been out on steroids at the moment to see if this helps for five days fingers crossed, also had another Ct scan on my lungs end of September they have found a lump in my right lung nodule which is measuring 7.5mm which has increased from the last ct I had done. This is worrying me a little bit has anyone else had this....my left kidney is still bad also with the adrenal gland swelling still hoping when I See my endocrinologist I can have some more insight on this kidney & what course of action will be taken for my lung too..z

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Just want to say hello Tidge and hope you get some answers soon. I wish you well. Xxxx

Tidge in reply to sassy59

Thank you. Xxx hope your well xx

sassy59 in reply to Tidge

We’re doing fine here thank you. Take care xxxxxx

Tidge in reply to sassy59

Good to hear huni xxx

I went through that scare over lumps in my lungs .. They took ct scans over a year and it ended up not being cancer just inflammatory ....After a few more scans it will be a tell all but mine did grow but in was inflammation ... Please keep us updated...

Tidge in reply to Clamdigger

That is good to hear, mine has grown & is growing leaving another couple of months again & Rescan x

I had a ct scan about a year ago, they also found a nodule on my right lung .. had to leave me 4 months to see if it would grow .. luckily for me it hasn’t .. hope all goes well for you xx

Tidge in reply to Candyred

That's good news mine has grown since my last CT scan which was four months ago had another scan Sept & has increased again x

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